The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations

The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) was established on March 26, 1983 as per Decision No. 121/HĐBT of the Council of Ministers (now the Government) of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

From 15 founding members, VUSTA now has 60 provincial unions of science and technology associations; 73 scientific and technological associations; 197 newspapers, magazines, and websites; and 300 affiliated organizations.

Member associations operate in accordance with their regulationsor charter, with respect to VUSTA’s Charter, and under the direction and supervision of VUSTA Central Council.

The National Congress, which convenes every five years, is the highest body of VUSTA leadership. Since its establishment, VUSTA has organized six national congresses.

- Prof., Acad Tran Dai Nghia, Hero of Labor, was elected President for the first tenure (1983-1988).

- Prof, Dr Ha Hoc Trac, was elected President for the second and third tenures (1988-1999)

- Prof., Acad Vu Tuyen Hoang, was President for the forth(1999-2004) and fifth (2004-2009) tenures.

- Prof, Dr Ho Uy Liem, was acting President for the fifth tenure (2008-2010).

- Prof, Acad Dang Vu Minh, was elected President for the sixth tenure (2010-2015)

The Central Council, including representatives of VUSTA member associations, scientists and managers nominated by the Presidium, was elected at the National Congress.

The Presidium consists of 23 member, headed by Prof, Acad Dang Vu Minh

With the functions of gathering and uniting Vietnamese intellectuals, both domestically and overseas; coordinating its member organizations’ operation; representing and protecting the legal rights of its members, VUSTA has spared no effort to affirm its role as a representing organization of Vietnamese non-governmental organizations.

VUSTA and its member associations has actively participated in knowledge dissemination, scientific research, and consultancy, judgment and social expertise activities.

In addition, VUSTA has paid due attention to other activities such as community development and poverty reduction. In recognition of VUSTA’s contributions to the development of Vietnam’s science and technology, education and training, knowledge dissemination, environmental protection, and health care, the State has granted VUSTA the Ho Chi Minh Order; the Independent Order, first class; and other orders.

VUSTA and its member organizations will do their utmost to make greater contributions to the country’s socio-economic development and the process of industrialization and modernization.  VUSTA is looking forwards to cooperating further with individuals and domestic and international organizations.