- Assisting the Central Council, Party Committee and Presidium with office-related tasks and the coordination of VUSTA regular activities.

Main tasks

1. Conducting the collection and analysis of VUSTA Central Council and Presidium’s activities.

- Supervising and speeding up the implementation of VUSTA regulations within the VUSTA Headquarters.

- Announcing the VUSTA Presidium and leaders’ directions to related organizations.

- Participating in the building up of the agenda and the organization of conferences and seminars as assigned.

2. Archive

- Managing the implementation of VUSTA’s administration- and archive-related work.

- Guiding VUSTA member organizations through archive-related regulations.

- Conducting archive-related work

3. Administration

- Ensuring the good material conditions for VUSTA operations

- Ensuring the effective use of VUSTA’s property

- Ensuring the security, environmental hygiene, labour safety and fire prevention at VUSTA headquarters.

- Conducting the management of capital construction works.

4. Conducting the task of a grade-3 budget estimation unit

5. Conducting other assigned tasks