General Introduction on VUSTA

VUSTA Head Office

VUSTA Head Office

The Vietnam Union of Science & Technology Associations (VUSTA) was established as per Decision no 121/HDBT dated July 29th 1983 of the Council of Ministers (now the Government) of the VietnamSocialist Republic.

On the date of establishment, VUSTA had only 15 member. Associations, now it comprises 125 associations of which 70 from the Central and 55 in provincial level. The organisational system of VUSTA has got a very fast pace of development. Besides, the structure of VUSTA comprises also more than 500 units for scientific research, development of technology and training as well as 197 maganizes, journals, newsletters, special issues.

The member Association of VUSTA are functioning/ operating as per their own statures/ regulations with broad autonomous rights for various activities, but having to abide by VUSTA’s main directives, under the guidance and control of VUSTA’s Central Council/ The National Representative Congress is a suprence leading organ of VUSTA, with a term of office in 5 years. Up to now, VUSTA had recorded 6 national congresses.

- Prof. Acad. Labour Hero, Major General Tran Dai Nghia was the first Chairman of VUSTA (1983 - 1988).

- Prof. Dr. Ha Hoc Trac was VUSTA Chairman in term II and term III (1988 - 1999).

- Prof. Acad. Vu Tuyen Hoang was VUSTA Chairman in term IV (1999 - 2004) and term V (2004 – 2009).

- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ho Uy Liem was the Acting Chairman of VUSTA ( August 2008-2009).

- Prof. Acad. Dang Vu Minh is VUSTA Chairman in term VI (2010-2015)

Members of the Central Council comprise representatives of all member associations and a number of scientists, managers having been introduced by the previous Presidium of the Central Council and agreed upon by the congress. For running activities of VUSTA in between two meetings, the Central Council elect a Presidium. The Presidium of the Central Council in the sixth term comprises 23 members with Prof. Acad. Dang Vu Minh as chairman.

VUSTA is entrusted with functions as follows:

• Grouping, uniting individuals of domestic scientific and technological intelligentsia as well as overseas Vietnamese intellectuals.

• Acting as a clue/liaison base between member associations and with the various organs of the Party, the Government, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and other organizations for dealing with issues arisen in VUSTA’s activities

• Representing, protecting legitimate rights and interests of member associations of Vietnamese scientific and technological intelligentsia.

VUSTA is to implement the main following tasks:

• Consolidating, developing organization, boosting activities of member associations

• Contributing to the socialization of science, technology, education and training activities as well as of people’s health care.

• Promoting the mobilization of science-technology intelligentsia

• Playing the role of a member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front

• Enhancing the co-operation with foreign associations, NGOs and member associations, participating to regional and international scientific-technological organizations.

For efficiently implementing the a.m tasks, VUSTA and its member associations frequently organized meetings, national and international scientific seminars, set up the Fund for supporting technical creativities (VIFOTECH) and hundreds of units specialized in scientific research, technological development and training. For organizing and boosting consultancy activities, the Presidium of VUSTA Central Council had decided to set up 19 specialized consulting councils.
For many years recently, in order to encourage scientific and technological activities, technical improvement, VUSTA jointly with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Trade Union League and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Central Association had annually organized the Prize for Creativity in science and technology as well as the biannual Competition Fair for nationwide technical creativity. Along with the above-mentioned activities, VUSTA also paid a particular attention to activities for community development and for famine eradication, poverty alleviation, etc.

The Party and the Government pay much attention and highly appreciate VUSTA activities. That is materialised in the Instruction N045-CT/TU by the Party Politburo on “Strongly boosting VUSTA activities”, the Instruction N014/2000/CT/TTg by the Prime Minister” on the deployment for implementing measures in view of promoting and improving the efficiency of VUSTA activities”, the Decision No 22/2002/QD-TTg on consulting activities, on society’s opponent commentary of VUSTA, the Conclusions by the Party Secretariat N0145-TB/TW on “Further enhancing the implementation of Instructions N0 45/CT/TWW regarding VUSTA in the period up to 2010” and recently the Instruction N045-CT/TU by the Party Politburo on “Strongly boosting VUSTA to the cause of industrialization and modernization and integration of the country”.

The contribution of VUSTA and its member associations to the cause of building and defending the Fatherland is also highly appreciated by the Government through the much distinguished First class Independence Order that the State “President award to VUSTA”. VUSTA and its member associations shall further endeavor for renovating organization and improving the efficiency to the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country.