-       Assisting the Presidium with the management of VUSTA’s planning and finance-related work

Main tasks:

1. VUSTA’s planning- and finance-related documents

-       Building VUSTA’s planning and finance-related documents and instructing, managing and supervising the implementation of the documents.

2. Mobilizing financial and infrastructural resources

-       Coordinating with relevant departments to address the orientation, objectives, and measures to develop different financial and infrastructural resources for VUSTA.

3. Planning work

-       Coordinating with VUSTA’s departments and member organizations to build five-year and annual plans for VUSTA; review and assess the implementation of these plans.

-       Assessing and guiding the implementation of VUSTA’s plan

-       Drawing up and proposing the planning and budget estimations to the VUSTA leader; report the implementation of the plan to related authorities.

4. Financial work

-       Conducting the task of a grade-1 budget estimation unit.

-       Giving an estimate for VUSTA’s annual plan of allocating the state budget.

-       Supervising the use of the state budget of VUSTA and the use of financial resources from the member and affiliated organizations.

-       Managing the use of financial resources allocated for programs, projects, and scientific research; the use of international funding; and other financial resources approved by VUSTA.

-       Guiding VUSTA departments, member and affiliated organization through the laws on State Budget and Accounting, and the current financial and accounting regulations.

5.Performing other assigned tasks