The doctor with great passion for ancient culture

The doctor with great passion for ancient culture
Dr. Nguyen Khac Thuan is a scientist who has had various valuable research projects including 313 books in different areas published.

Born in a Confucian family, Dr. Thuan had the chance to study the Han and Nom languages as well as be equipped with knowledge of ancient culture. Though he has had numerous valuable research projects, he considers himself a “diligent labourer”.

Imbued with his mother’s teachings that “the pen in your hands is a sacred cultural thing so you are allowed to neither write immoral words nor use your pen to revenge”. He is very proud that never in his life has he done such bad things that make his mother feel unhappy.

In all of his translation works, he always has the original Han or Nom version printed together with the translation version to help readers enjoy the quintessence of the ancient Vietnamese culture, as well as contribute to preserve the ancient bibliographies.

All of his books, regardless of their length, convey a message of his thoughts, emotion, and expectation to preserve the nation’s ancient cultural identities. 

Apart from his job as doing research and teaching, Dr. Thuan helps temple management board to write parallel sentences in the Han language, which will help preserve the ancient culture.

Dr. Nguyen Khac Thuan is the former Head of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies of the Binh Duong University, former Director of the Institute of Asian Studies, and Head of the Faculty of Tourism and Vietnamese Studies of the Nguyen Tat Thanh University.


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Source: VietnamPlus

Translated by Dic