Following Uncle Ho’s moral example for a better nation

Following Uncle Ho’s moral example for a better nation
Assoc. Prof. Le Mau Han was one of the first 17 students graduating in Historical Science from the University of Hanoi. He then became a lecturer of the university and worked there during the struggle against the US imperialism for national reunification.

After the war, he was appointed to the Head of the Faculty of Historical Science and in charge of clarifying strategic issues in the history of the Communist Party of Vietnam, its political programmes, military and diplomatic policies, as well as Party building.

He is a beloved teacher and historian by his students thanks to his friendliness and simple. Assoc. Prof. Le Mau Han is known as an outstanding writer of the Party history. His Government History book was granted the gold prize in 2007 by the Publisher Association.

According to Assoc. Prof. Le Mau Han, Vietnamese people traditionally have great passion for learning. After the August Revolution, many university students volunteered to the front line but Uncle Ho called them back to their university study. He urged to establish a university of literature to teach social sciences. He once said “Vietnamese people must know well about Vietnamese history”.

He said in the past, famous professors as Pham Duy Ton, Dao Duy Anh were talented people who had created a generation of outstanding and patriotic students who were willing to come to the front line. He is also concerned about the reform of education at present.

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He quoted Uncle Ho as saying that we are building an independent socialist country with talented and moral people. He also emphasised the need to promote training the human resources.

A generation of Vietnamese patriotic intellectuals who lived under the domination of the French colonialists followed Uncle Ho. Huynh Thuc Khang is an example. He was encouraged immediately after he met Uncle Ho and agreed to become the Minister of Home Affairs. During the war, everybody devoted their life for the country and for the people, but now when we are living in peace, there emerge problems. Individual benefit has caused moral regression in the society. It is contrary to Uncle Ho’s desire for a powerful country with rich people.

In any circumstances, we should persistently strive for an independent country. Without desire for peace and independence, we can never win. We had won our independence and founded a Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945.


Translated by Dic