Insights on the Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations (VFCEA)


Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Associations (VFCEA) was founded on August 24, 1982 in Hanoi. Since its foundation, VFCEA has been functioning as a voluntary social profession organization where member organizations as well as leading experts in the construction industry – including construction-specialized associations, associations at provincial level as well as related centers – assembled to support each other and better serve the country in the era of industrialization and modernization.

Based in Hanoi city, VFCEA directs its activities across the country with strict adherence to centralized, democratic and pro-majority principles set forth in its charter as well as in compliance with Vietnamese laws and regulations. VFCEA’s operational basis, general structure, legal entity, rights & obligations as well as other defining details are clearly specified in its own charter.   

With its specified functions, VFCEA has been an active voice representing various players in the Vietnamese construction playground and has effectively contributed to the overall development of the industry in terms of both scientific arguments and practical applications.

VFCEA’s rights and obligations

As a structured and legal federation performing under the Laws and Regulations of Vietnam, VFCEA clearly articulates its rights and obligations as follows:

  • Regulate and coordinate the activities among member associations; encourage and support cadre in the field of construction to improve and develop both in terms of specialized knowledge and professional morale, for the ultimate goal of advancing Vietnamese Construction Sector towards a stronger foothold.
  • Perform consultancy, evaluation and social expertise as well as provide opinions to contribute to the scientific-based development of policies and regulations in the field of construction
  • Create platform for scientific research topics; set up projects applying research results into practical activities as well as summarize science-technology issues in the field of construction
  • Organize professional and legal training for members
  • Protect the legal rights of member associations and individual members according to VFCEA’s charter and Vietnamese Laws and Regulations
  • Represent member associations in internal and external affairs within its specified functions and obligations
  • Obtain fund from membership fees and self-sufficient business activities in compliance with Vietnamese Laws and Regulations
  • Expand cooperative relationships and experience exchange with other Vietnamese as well as international organizations in the field of construction

Member associations and centers

VFCEA is a collective of both member organizations and individuals specializing in the construction sector in Vietnam. The details of organizational participants are provided below: 

Centers and Institutes (12):

+ Center of Construction technology and Science research and consultation

+ Center of New structure and Steel mesh cement

+ Center of Construction and Environment techniques consultation

+ Center of Scientific technology and Construction investment

+ Institute of Applied petroleum geology techniques investigation

+ Institute of Urban and Infrastructure development

+ Center for Scientific training and construction technology deliverables

+ Center of Design and Evaluation of construction and environment

+ Center for Application and Development of Waterway-port technology

+ Center for Application of Information technology in construction

+ Center for Legal consultation in construction and real estate

+ Institute of Construction Economics and Urban study

Specialized-Associations (12)

+ Vietnam Association of Waterway ports and Continental shelf

+ Vietnam Association of Lighting system

+ Vietnam Association of Concrete Technology

+ Vietnam Association of Soil mechanics and Geotechnical engineering

+ Vietnam Association of Major dams and Water-source development

+ Vietnam Association of Aviation Science-Technology

+ Vietnam Association of Construction Economy

+ Vietnam Association of Construction Structure and Technology

+ Vietnam Association of Construction Environment

+ Vietnam Association of Construction Computer Science

+ Vietnam Association of Building Materials

+ Vietnam Association of Urban Environment and Industrial zones

Member Associations at Provincial level (42)

VFCEA governs the activities of associations in 42 cities and provinces, namely Ba Ria – Vung Tau; Bac Lieu, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Binh Dinh etc. 

Corporate members (39)

VFCEA currently welcomes the participation of nearly 40 member companies performing businesses in the construction sector in Vietnam.

Providing social consultancy, evaluation, and expertise Duties

In pursuant of Prime Minister’s decision No. 22/2002/QĐ-TTG promulgated since January 2002, VFCEA and its member organizations have been undertaking the responsibility to perform consultancy, evaluation and social expertise activities on issues requested by Ministries, Departments, Governmental Bodies as well as Municipal People’s Committees directly under the Central Government. These issues may relate to policies, programs or projects concerning socio-economic development, training & education, science, technology or environment subject which are sophisticated, prioritized or inter-ministerial in nature.

Social consultancy, evaluation, and expertise are not-for-profit activities, yet they are vital to the making and execution of macro-impact decisions. Some valuable insights and opinions provided by VFCEA’s scholars and experts are demonstrated below.

a) Consultancy on the Red-River Trans-Asia Waterway and Hydropower Project

Recently, the Red-River project has become a hot debate topic among scholars and government officials regarding its effectiveness as well as sustainability. With in-depth research and scientific reasoning, VFCEA strongly opposed the construction of hydroelectric plants and waterway system on the Red River with clear arguments that those activities may severely damage the river’s ecology and bio-diversity, threaten people’s livelihoods while generating just less than 1% of annual total national power.  

b) Housing solutions for low-income citizens

In his insightful discussion, The President of VFCEA – Mr. Tran Ngoc Hung presented many valuable opinions and resolutions concerning people living in urban areas whose low-income level prevented them from attaining their own house. Mr. Tran cited problems with scarce resources and shortage of supporting policies for property developers to invest in low-income housing, hence suggested more favorable conditions for real estate investors; better housing options with small-medium; more saving-incentives for low-income earners as well as faster renovation of old-fashioned apartment building, serving the current demand of many citizens.  

c) Reengineering Construction sector from 2014 – 2020

Considering the current state of domestic construction sector and demand for proper changes in the long run, VFCEA’s proposal highlighted the value of a set of practical, measurable and specific goals for “Reengineering the construction sector for the period 2014 – 2020”. VFCEA addressed the need for a change in state management, the socialization of construction activities, the restructuring of business models targeting specialization and professionalization as well as the increase in scientific-technology content in construction businesses.

In addition to the above mentioned topics, VFCEA has also provided its argumentative opinions in many other researches and discussions, such as “Adjusting labor relationships upon market mechanism and global integration”, “Preventing wastewater from contaminating the West Lake”, “Supporting the development of draft for amended Law on Housing (the 11th version)” and“Developing human resource for the consulting industry”, to name but a few.

Outstanding projects & events

Apart from prominent consultancy and social evaluation activities, VFCEA does prove its vital role via means of valuable workshops, conferences as well as training programs addressing concerned issues in the sector and facilitating the learning process regarding construction science and technology.


Late last year, the preliminary results of VFCEA’s research project “Investigating the operational mechanism of gate-valve river dams in dry seasons – Supporting active irrigation in the Northern Delta” achieved 100% approval rate by the Scientific Council of VUSTA (Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations). The project itself showed feasibility with thorough study of new gate-valve design which could be applied in practical situations.


Along with successful project execution, VFCEA proudly hosted major professional seminars, including “Metro systems for Hanoi and Hochiminh city” (December 2015) and “New achievements on safety assessment and materials for water dams” (January 2016). Such events were great opportunities for domestic and international experts in the field to meet up and share their knowledge as well as solutions targeting efficient and sustainable construction methods.

International partnerships & Achievements

VFCEA is a member of VUSTA (Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations) and ACECC (Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council). Along with its domestic functions, VFCEA also acts as an active member of regional and international construction bodies and has established bilateral partnerships with Associations of Construction Engineers in China, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Philippine, Taiwan, Australia and The United States.

It’s has been a great honor for VFCEA to be acclaimed by the National Government, with:

  • Second class Labor Medal (1997)
  • First class Labor Medal (2002)
  • Third class Independence Medal (2007)
  • Third class Independence Medal (the second time – 2012)

Author: HTQT