Keeping flame of passion from Vietnam outstanding young faces Awards

Giang Thien Phu currently is the Technical Director of a Science and Technology company

Giang Thien Phu currently is the Technical Director of a Science and Technology company

Giang Thien Phu and Vang Seo Sin are two out of many Vietnam outstanding young faces honored for keeping the flame of passion for innovative research and desire to get rich.

Being the Vietnam outstanding young faces, they get a great stepping stone to continue their creativity and success.

Being more grown-up from passion

Giang Thien Phu (1989) is a Vietnam outstanding young face 2007 in the innovative research sector.

Phu stands out with his product collection such as Robot building Co Loa citadel; Remote control motor boat; Chicken ranch machinery hygiene, and webcam-made Microscopes model. Additionally, he achieved WIPO Awards by the World Intellectual Property Organization and Creative Youth Medal, etc.

Phu was well-known for the example of passion for studying and creating. Because his family is not well-off, Phu himself studies, learns, and works as a freelance funny story writer for newspapers to get money to buy materials and components for machine manufacturing.

Sometimes, he was forbidden from disassemble and assemble to focus on study. He even had to burn his new product with his own hands.

However, Phu still has passion for machinery and technology. One of Giang Thien Phu’s surprising decisions was not studying in university when he was admitted into Hanoi University of Industry but attending International Programmer Training Center – APTECH to purchase his interest in information technology.

In the environment of APTECH, Phu regularly affirmed his attachment to the IT sector and defined targets of manufacturing practical electrical products for life. 

Working while studying for more experiences, Phu and his colleagues created YOO – a product similar to a social network with functions such as chatting, sending messages, adding friends, and posting status and established Forever Green Planet website. At present, Giang Thien Phu is working in the PeaceSoft Solutions Corporation (Hanoi) and holding the Technical Director position.

Together with his colleagues, he has developed website products, improved the speed and interface of website Phu is seeking solutions to increase product storage capacity and design simple and user-friendly interface for website, etc.

Evaluating his change in passion, Phu honestly told that “Previously, I pursued scientific initiatives without applicability. Later, I orient to manufacturing practical products for living with commercial value”.

The Vietnam outstanding Young Faces Award contributed into that change. According to Phu, the Vietnam outstanding Young Faces Award 2007 partly helped him to convince his family to support his decision of studying in APTECH and reserving scholarship transited from Greenwich University (England) to continuously pursue the applicable innovation passion.

Getting rich on the mountainous area

In the land of Bach Dich, Yen Minh sub-district, Ha Giang tied to the words of remote and poor, Vang Seo Sin (1988) stands out with the witness of not resigning himself to the poverty and getting rich at the young age. Vang Seo Sin started building a pig farm for meat with total capital of 63 billion dongs, including a State budget loan of 30 triệu đồng.

After one year of breeding and trading and producing, by November 2009, Sin’s farm got an interest of 114 billion dongs. Up to now, his farm has been extended, upgraded, and added with breeding facilities. 

He revealed, “In 2013, I constructed another row of breeding facilities. The pig farm combined with biogas collection addressed animal waste and utilized gas resources for family’s activities.”

With a cheerfully attitude, Sin added, “I has just exported a rank of 10 pigs and earned over 50 billion dongs. There now are 50 over-100kgs-pigs in the farm. There are two sows here.” Additionally, with carefulness and diligence, Sin raises buffaloes and poultry; cultivates 3ha of corn and cassava for food to serve breeding.

Sin is good at breeding and getting rich so many people in nearby communes came to learn more experiences. From the knowledge acquired in training courses and his own experiences, he shared how to prevent epidemic diseases and avoid waste of food resources in breeding, etc.

“The harvest of corn and cassava is divided into periods with the quantity used for a short time. Many households often harvest the whole corn and cassava in one time; therefore, the ingrown-up products kept in a long time are easily spoiled and even poisonous for domestic animal,” Sin said.

Not only does he get rich from breeding, but Vang Seo Sin also makes effort in business. From the first interest by breeding, he has established a co-operative of building materials exploitation and supply occupation with the chartered capital of 200 billion dongs; created jobs for many youths with a sustainable income.

In 2013, this co-operative stop operation when the locality developed a resort in Dong Van Stone Plateau. However, with aspiration for getting rich, Vang Seo Sin shared his plan on establishing a co-operative of trading fertilizer to serve production of local people.

Vang Seo Sin told, “Along with his desire for overcoming poverty, the Vietnam outstanding Young Faces Award which he had an honor of receiving in 2009 was a motive for me to try to overcome difficulties and expand as well as develop economy.”

Resigning form the commune Union Secretary (2011), Vang Seo Sin now is Deputy Chief of Police of Bach Dich commune. He is still enthusiastic in joining many Union’s activities, especially supporting the local Youth Union members in economic activities.

Translaated by Nga Nguyen


Author: By Tien phong