Highlights of Dong Thap Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations in 2018

Dong Thap Union coordinated with Buhler Asia Vietnam Company to organize the workshop “applications of rice production and management in the 4.0 technology”

Dong Thap Union coordinated with Buhler Asia Vietnam Company to organize the workshop “applications of rice production and management in the 4.0 technology”

Taking initiative in strengthening the organizational apparatus, actively participating in communication and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, social consultancy and evaluation, scientific research, promoting the movement of creative labor among local people are outstanding activities of Dong Thap Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations (Dong Thap Union) in 2018.

Actively participating in dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, social consultancy and evaluation

Lately, when many people did not know well about the 4.0 industrial revolution, the Dong Thap Union quickly gathered a team of intellectuals – experts in connection to scientific and technological organizations to organize many activities to disseminate knowledge of the solutions developed on the core technology platform of the industrial revolution 4.0 for being applied to the practical life of production in the locality.

These activities have contributed to changes in production thinking, improvement of scientific and technical knowledge of local people in Dong Thap.

Some activities of knowledge dissemination organized by the Union are as follows: Workshop on "Blockchain - the Next Generation Internet Technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution"; Workshop on "Application of cloud computing in customer management, asset management, water meter recording on Mobile in rural water supply"; Workshop on "Introduction of application of rice production management under the technology 4.0", Workshop on "Dong Thap and the 4th industrial revolution".

In addition, Dong Thap Union collaborated with the Television Station to carry out many columns, such as "knowledge for life", participating in the construction of "science and technology" page on Dong Thap Newspaper, publishing and broadcasting many topics, and newspapers to introduce models of application of science and technology in cultivation and animal husbandry to local people in the province.

In addition, during the past year, Dong Thap Union actively supported member associations and coordinated the organization of seminars, training workshops for member associations, that is, the coordination of the Union with the medical and pharmaceutical association to hold conferences: the seminar "What to know in prenatal and neonatal screening"; "Control of drug interactions in treatment" and "current understanding of cardiovascular disease and stroke".

Moreover, the Union also coordinated with agencies and organizations to organize the workshops: "Food safety – an issue of concern"; "Keeping and Promoting Cultural Identity in the Integration Period" and organized the training courses on "Measures to collect pesticide packs for environment protection in Dong Thap province" in communes in Lap Vo district.

Activities of knowledge dissemination and communication of Dong Thap Union and member associations attracted thousands of attendants, thereby contributing to raising the awareness of environmental protection, cultural life and knowledge of healthcare as well as improving the scientific knowledge for the people, gradually abolishing wrongdoings, backward thinking in the production life ... making the material and spiritual life of members and local people in the province improved.

Along with communication and dissemination of knowledge, social consultancy and evaluation has been actively implemented by Dong Thap Union. In 2018, Dong Thap Union organized the consultative workshop on "Project of review and adjustment of the planning of agriculture and rural development in Dong Thap province up to 2020 and vision to 2030" and "the draft planning of transport development of Dong Thap Province to 2025 and vision to 2035". It coordinated with VUSTA to organize a consultancy workshop on "Current situation and solution to quality management of agricultural materials in the Mekong Delta".

Speeding ​​up the movement of creative labor in the locality

With the spirit of constant innovation in the work by staff and members, the Union and member associations have contributed to spreading the creativity activity to all classes of people in the province.

The Union was assigned the task to organize the Creative Technology Competition and the Youth Creativity Contest by Provincial People's Committee. Thanks to its creativity, Dong Thap Union has made the competition and contest to become a big movement of the creative labor for the people.

Previously, the Creative Technology Competition and the Youth Creativity Contest was not popular among local people, but it is now well known and has become a movement of scientific and technological creativity.

In 2018 alone, there were 1,526 models to participate in the district level contest, 153 models were selected to participate in the provincial level contest. And through three rounds of provincial selection, the organization board of the Youth Creativity Contest of Dong Thap province selected 37 typical product models.

The Creative Technology Competition attracted many creative solutions which won prizes in such fields as information technology, electronics and telecommunications, mechanics, automation and transportation; agriculture, forestry, fisheries and environmental resources; pharmacy; education; training, chemicals, energy.

The strong impact of the Creative Technology Competition and the Youth Creativity Contest is resulted from creative combination of various modes of dissemination, through various channels such as television, newspapers, website, brochures ... and, more importantly, active coordination in propaganda activities of departments, branches, schools and enterprises in the locality.

At the Union, officials and civil servants always have innovations and initiatives in their work, managing and implementing scientific research projects. In 2018, the Union is leading the theme of building a system of competition and contest information in Dong Thap province.

Currently, the information system software has been finalized. It is expected to be put into use in 2019. The application of this information system helps everyone to have easy access to a database of innovative solutions and innovations for scientific research as well as for Dong Thap's innovative products to reach more people and better commercialization in the market.

In addition, the information system is a channel for exchanging, receiving, processing, marking solutions to participate in competitions and contests on the Web (online), helping to save travel cost and print cost for individuals and organizations whose works, solutions are participated in the contest.

In addition, members of the member associations of the Union have hundreds of innovative ideas, the topic of scientific research in such fields as history science; information technology, electronics, telecommunications; mechanics; agriculture, ... most prominently, the number of research products of members in medicine-pharmaceutics field.

MSc. Le Minh Hung - Chairman of Dong Thap Union shared that 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of establishment and development of Dong Thap Union, which showed its determination to innovate the implementation of its tasks.

The socio-political activities of the Union of the province have become more and more clear, especially gathering and mobilizing science and technology intellectuals to participate in scientific research, applying technical advances in production and life.

The Creative Technology Competition and Youth Creativity Contest has become a widespread movement in the province.

Communication and dissemination of science and technology knowledge is diverse in various forms, contributing to bringing technical advances into production and life of the people, popularizing the organization of the Union and its activities in the community, especially in the field of science and technology.

Social consultancy and evaluation conducted by the Union and its member associations have contributed more ideas to the provincial leaders to set out appropriate and proper policies to be implemented in reality.

The results achieved in the past 20 years as well as in 2018 are the pride, the strong encouragement and the important premise for the Union to develop better in the future.

Author: Nguyen Hong Ly – Dong Thap Union of Science and Technology Associations