Vietnam Union Association promotes the role of Vietnam Fatherland Front

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Vietnam Union Association promotes the role of Vietnam Fatherland Front

In 3 days from 25th – 27th September 2014 in Hanoi, the 8th National Congress of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (term 2014-2019) took place successfully. Delegation of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association (VUSTA) led by the Chairman - Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh, came and presented at the meeting with a large number of interested and appreciated participants.

 Presentations highlighted that Vietnam Union Association is the socio – economic organization of intellectual science and technology (S & T) of Vietnam, with the mission of gathering, solidarity and promoting the potential of the intellectuals S & T team at home and abroad. As a member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front is always associated with the operation of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF Vietnam), has achieved some outstanding results:

1. Organizing scientific and technology intelligentsia to implement guidelines and policies of the Party and State. Vietnam Union Association gathered all members from the central to local levels, particularly attention to the suitable education of political for each intellectual, to help intellectuals understand of their responsibilities to the country and the nation, promote creativity and collaborative spirit in science and technology.

One of the first missions of Vietnam Union Association is proposed to advise the Party and State's major issues of policy, development policy of the country; especially in science and technology, education and training, policy toward intellectuals. To accomplish this mission, Vietnam Union Association has organized many scientific forums, to facilitate intellectuals to give opinions about the important issues related to the development of country. In particular, Vietnam Union Association has contributed actively ideas to build the Party's resolutions on mobilization work and intellectual work.

2. Vietnam Union Association promotes  the role as member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, always positive and proactive response activities by Front launched, as response to "Study and follow the moral of Ho Chi Minh ",  participate in hunger eradication and poverty reduction movements, support flood victims, build cultural life in local. Vietnam Union Association joined a agreement with the Vietnam Fatherland Front to introduce scientists to elect delegates to the National Assembly and People's Councils.

Vietnam Union Association signed and implemented of cooperation agreements with many ministries, departments, organizations and institutions at the central and local authorities to carry out the mission, programs and projects, the scientific research to provide rapid scientific and technological advances in production and life.

Every year, Vietnam Union Association also coordinates with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Confederation of Labor Union Vietnam and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to organize Creativity Award of Science and Technology Vietnam, National creativity science and technology award  and National creative technical contest for teenagers and children nationwide. These activities have contributed significantly to honor the team and individuals who have made ​​outstanding achievements in creative science and technology activities.

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3. About the collection of intellectual and membership development. Through various forms, Vietnam Union Association has made ​​great efforts to unite, gather science and technology intellectuals of Vietnam in domestic and overseas, facilitating intellectuals to contribute to the cause of nation building. Vietnam Union Association has been actively campaigning for establishment and development organizations in the country. Until now, they have 139 union members, including 62 Union of Science and Technology in the provinces and cities directly under the central government and 77 Industry Associations nationwide. In addition, there are also over 600 Science and Technology organizations. In total, the members of Vietnam Union Association have gathered over 2.3 million members, including nearly one third of the national intelligentsia.

4. Promoting counseling, judgment and social expertise. In addition to spreading the knowledge of science and technology, applied effectively advances of science and technology in production and life, another advantages of Vietnam Union Association are counseling, judgment and social expertise to reflect reality, objective reviews of the S & T intelligentsia in developing guidelines and policies of the Party and State, and the programs and large projects in science and technology, education and training, socio-economic before the competent authorities decision. Vietnam Union Association regularly organizes for scientists and experts to comment on the program, key investment projects that concern public opinion. This activity is an important and trusted channel to deliver honest opinion, based on reality objective and scientific basis for ministries, departments in the review process for approval of programs and projects investment. Many suggestions have been acquired by the competent authorities; this job has been appreciated by the Party and State leaders.

In the presentations at the congress, Chairman - Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh on behalf of Vietnam Union Association has launched a number of proposals and recommendations to the Vietnam Fatherland Front:

First, the Vietnam Union Association looks forward to participate more actively in the activities of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in the coming years, and propose to be reviewed and recommended additional intellectual’s prestige as a representative of Union Vietnam to participate in the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in the upcoming term, in order to facilitate S & T intellectuals contribute to the cause of ethnic solidarity.

Second, with the role and prestige, Vietnam Union Association recommended Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee to early institutionalize of guidelines and policies of the Party and State of Vietnam Union for Vietnam Union Association to create more favorable conditions for Vietnam Union Association can fulfill their duties.

Third, Vietnam Union Association has strength and experience in consulting, judgment and social expertise. So, it looks forward to receive the order and close collaboration of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in monitoring activities and social criticism for implementation of the monitoring role of the social organization members in Vietnam Fatherland Front.

Hong Anh

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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