VUSTA recommended to hold pilot sci-tech forum

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de xuat

de xuat

The Minsitry of Science and Technology (MoST) has proposed the Prime Minister to assign the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to hold pilot professional science and technology forum.

According to an MoST’s draft decision about organizing a pilot professional science and technology forum while implementing consultancy, judgement and social expertise activities on guidelines, policies and socio-economic development projects, the science and technology forum offers a platform for intellectuals to discuss scienctific issues. It can be organized via the media or as workshops and conferences.

The draft decision said there are three conditions for the organization of the forum: the organizers of the professional science and technology forum should be assigned by related authorities; the head of the organizer should issue regulations of the forum which regulate the objectives, title, orientation, content, and management mechanism; and organizers should be able to invite suitable intellectuals to the forum.

The MoST said the organizers are allowed to mobilize financial resources and receive donation for the forum; use the fund for the forum in accordance to the laws; and announce or not announce the content of the forum and ideas of those who participate in the forum.

The organizers are also requested to abide by the Law on Press and other related laws and regulations; report honestly the ideas of participants in the forum; provide related information upon request of authorities; keep the forum’s documents for archive; keep information related to national security a secret and be accountable for the forum’s activities before the law.

Those who participate in the forum can contribute their ideas on guidelines, policies, and socio-economic development projects; make recommendations to authorities; discuss with other participants; have access to the forum’s document. They are recognized for their contribution to the forum and their intellectual property is ensured in accordance to the law.

Participants are also have the rights to maintain their opinions if they are different from those in the guidelines, policies or socio-economic development projects and submit their opinion to related agencies in accordance to the law.

They are responsible for the accuracy, authenticity, and scientific basis of the information and opinion presented at the forum. They are requested to cooperate with other participants and respect other people’s ideas, not jeopardize national interest, not negatively affect the cause of national construction and defence, the national unity bloc and national secrets. They are requested to abide by the law when talking about secret information. They are not allowed to deliver the forum’s internal documents or express their opinion in the name of the forum or the organizers if it is not accepted by the organizers. They are not allowed to take advantage of the forum to distort the truth and harm other individuals’ and organisations’ honour and prestige, discuss ideas not related to the forum’s content or advertise their commercial products.

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