VUSTA aims to encourage young intellectuals

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VUSTA aims to encourage young intellectuals

The Executive Board of the Youth Union of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) has organized a symposium about “Gathering young intellectuals of the VUSTA”.

 The event was attended by Mr. Pham Van Tan, VUSTA Vice President cum Secretary General; Mr. Pham Bich San, VUSTA Deputy Secretary General cum Director General of the Department for consultancy, judgment and social expertise; and members of VUSTA Youth Union.

Addressing the workshop, Mr. Pham Van Tan reviewed VUSTA’s construction and development and the task and requirements for the VUSTA, especially the Youth Union, in the future.

According to Mr. Tan, the VUSTA Youth Union has attached importance to uniting intellectuals, thus involving young intellectuals in the VUSTA’s activities and increasing its role.

Over the past year, VUSTA has successfully united intellectuals through consultancy, judgment and social expertise activities, as well as VUSTA’s programs and projects and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge.

The success is attributed to the reform of operation, with a focus on involving different social actors in science and technology activities and in the country’s socio-economic development in general.

However, in order to meet the requirements for the country’s industrialization and modernization and international economic integration, VUSTA needs more well-qualified young intellectuals who are good at English.

The VUSTA Youth Union will make greater efforts to uphold the young intellectuals in the upcoming time to fulfill its task in the national development process.

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Author: News: Hong Anh, Photo: Minh Thuan
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