There were two Vietnamese Princes becoming famous in Korea

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Scientists had highlighted the truth about Prince Ly Long Tuong of Vietnam at Korea, and a new discovery about another Prince Ly Duong Con – also an epoch making personage at Korea.

Professor Phan Huy Le – Chairman of the Vietnam Association of History Science – together with Korean historians had recently published many new information on the family lineage Ly Tinh Thien, Prince Ly Duong Con wandering and resettling at Tinh Thien area (Korea) prior to Prince Ly Long Tuong about 100 years. Historical documents had disclosed that many descendants of Prince Ly Duong Con were high dignitaries in various Korean dynasties.

Ông Kim Yong Deok

Mr Kim Yong Deok

At the corridor of the international seminar in Hanoi (August 20th 2007), Mr. Kim Yong Deok, President of the Northeast Asia History Fund, had announced the a.m. information.

Reporter: Please be so kind to let us know the truth about handed down tales on Vietnamese Prince Ly Long Tuong and the family lineage Ly Hoa Son in Korea?

- Prince Ly Long Tuong wandered to Korea in the 13th century when this country was fighting against Mongolian invaders.

Newly discovered documents affirmed that Prince Ly Long Tuong had accomplished a great feat in defeating Mongolian hordes and was bestowed by Korean King as Hoa Son Quan – a high title in the Kingdom Court.

Korean King also rewarded land to Ly’s Prince at Hoa Son region, since then the Ly Hoa Son family lineage was founded. The Ly Hoa Son family lineage was always loyal, faithful to Korean Kingdom Court.

The reign of King Cho Son also treated well, used Ly Long Tuong’s descendants at important posts. A Ly Hoa Son family descendant had been nominated at the post of Seoul Mayor, but he had declined for living as an hermit at his native land.

There are people arguing that any country with a population over 80 million could be ranked into powerful nations club worldwide. As per such a conception, Vietnam, with abundant material resources if combined closely with eminent human power, then only in the forthcoming period, I believe that Vietnam shall outpace Asian powers to be ranked into the club of powerful nations worldwide – Mr. Kim Yong Deok.

* Professor Phan Huy Le informed that many descendants of Prince Ly Duong Con were dignitaries in the Korean Kingdom Court. In the 2nd lineage, Ly Lan was awarded with the title of Kim Tử Quang Lộc đại phu Lễ nghi phán thư (equivalent to Minister of Rites).

In the 3rd lineage, Ly Mau Trinh was awarded with the title of Khuông Tĩnh đại phu Chính đường văn học. Especially, in the 6th lineage, Ly Nghia Man was awarded with the title of Đại Tướng Quân, Tây bắc bộ binh mã sứ (equivalent to Army General).

At present, many peoples belonging to the Ly Hoa Son family are living in the Democratic Republic of Trieu Tien. In Korea, among the descendants of Prince Ly Long Tuong, there are many famous personages such as Mr. Ly Thuong Tuan, President of the Golden Bridge Group now doing business in Vietnam, Mr. Lee Hee Boem, former Vice Minister of Industry, Mr. Le Chang Kem, President of a large group also doing business in Vietnam.

Reporter: Historians had recently revealed another Ly lineage from Vietnam, also rather reputed in Korean?

In reality, that is not virtually a new revealation, because over 20 years previously, a Korean historian had made public the Ly Tinh Thien family lineage of Vietnamese Prince Ly Duong Con.

However, the family register of this lineage had been half way interrupted, so few people could know about it.

Reporter: Under the history prism, according to you, what are reasons conducive to Korean investors becoming top foreign investors in Vietnam?

I am truly stunned, for only in a short lapse of time, the foreign direct investment by Korean investors had eclipsed all other foreign investors. However, when pondering over it, this matter is well founded, because Vietnam and Korea being originally similar in culture, in people characteristic and during the history, there exist a close and natural relationship without any constraint, whatsoever.

Since auld lang syne  , there were many Vietnamese having navigated to China, but being drifted to Korea. This is a very natural interflow. On the other side, ambassadors, intellectuals, patriotic scholars of Vietnam and Korea had met each other at Japan, China, with a same supreme aim: mobilization for national liberation...

This very fact had been a strong motive for promoting the economic relation between two countries. Vietnam had created favourable conditions when greeting, receiving the storming wave of investment from Korea, and inversely, Korean enterprises are also confident when investing in Vietnam. Without similarities, without sincere sympathy, the relation between two countries only stop at commercial exchanges.


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