The signing ceremony of the cooperation program between Vietnam Union Associations and the Ministry of Education & Training

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On October 20th 2014, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and the Ministry of Education & Training signed a coordination program in the period 2014-2020.

 According to the signed agreement, the two parties will co-operate propaganda, spread guidelines, policies and laws of the State and Party about radical reforms, comprehensive education and training, science and technology development in the period of accelerated industrialization and modernization of the country.

Organizing conferences, scientific forums on education management; development solutions for  education and training according to the educational levels, fields of study; scientific research and technology development to serve the cause of education and training; completing structure of the national education system from secondary to college and postgraduate.

During the period of 2014-2020, the two parties co-operate research, consulting, critical policies, programs and major projects in education and training by the Ministry of Education and Training; research topics of innovation mechanisms and policies to develop education and trainingintroduction the scientists of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and members who participated in the development, compilation and evaluation of educational programs, curriculum, textbooks; research, production  and evaluation on teaching equipment; innovative forms of testing methods, evaluation on the quality of education and training.

Detecting and training students in National and International Olympiad competitions; contests, prizes for scientific research, technological innovation of students.

Developing funds of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and its member, and developing a pathway to gradually "socialize" the recruitment, introducing, organizing, and participating in the development of the funds to award and support students who have outstanding achievements in examinations, the nationally and internationally contest of scientific and technical research .

Funds for the cooperation program come from the budget of two parties and programs, schemes and projects related to annual plan coordination.


Translated by Nga Nguyen

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