Scientific Conference: "The Coup overthrowing Crown Prince Le Nghi Dan - Queen Mother and its consequences"

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Scientific Conference:

On September 09th, 2012, in Hai Phong, Vietnamese Association of Historical Sciences in collaboration with Hai Phong Union of Science and Technology Associations and Hai Phong Association of Historical Sciences held the scientific workshop "The Coup overthrowing Crown Prince Le Nghi Dan - his Queen Mother and its consequences".

More than 10 reports were submitted to the conference, discussing the issues that need to be clarified such as the causes, the role of history, and different views towards Le Nghi Quoc Dan and political upheaval in 1459.

According to the official feudal historical books of our country, Le Nghi Dan who was the first son of King Le Thai Tong- the second king of the Le dynasty, ascended the throne in 1434 and died in 1442 while patrolling on the North East of Chi Linh (Hai Duong today). Le Nghi Dan was born in June, 6th Trieu Binh year (1439), after King Le Thai Tong had come to throne for five years. Le Nghi Dan was the son of Duong Thi Bi. Less than a year later, Le Nghi Dan was selected to be the crown prince, but due to being coddled by the King, Duong Thi Bi became arrogant. As a result, she was demoted to Minh Nghi title, which made ​​her very resent. The king was angry, so he continued to denote her to lower Royal Concubine and declared Crown Prince Position unidentified. Then, Bang Co, third son of King Le Thai Tong and Tuyen tu Nguyen Thi Anh, won King Le Thai Tong’s love and bestowed Crown Prince Title while Nghi Dan were down to Lạng Sơn vương. That’s why Lạng Sơn vương Le Nghi Dan harbored the intention of throne usurpation leading to the rebellion in 1459, but unfortunately, he was overthrown shortly after winning Le Nhan Tong's throne for 8 months (June 1460).

Lạng Sơn vương Le Nghi Dan lived for 20 years under the reign of King Le Thai Tong and Le Nhan Tong, in over 30-year period of Le dynasty (1428-1459). It is likely to say that it was the period when political institutions of the Le dynasty went into the deep crisis with a series of royal conflicts in the Le Palace.

On this event, the former as well as contemporary historians have been many conflicting opinions. Some say that Le Nghi Dan’s actions of killing the King and Queen are "inhuman" while others argue that it was the political constraints in giving the throne that caused the scene "internecine war”, which is beyond Le Nghi Dan’s expectations...

At the workshop, the participants analyze, discuss, evaluate and recognize that this is an internecine conflict for the royal throne of the Le with the support of a group of cadres – Le Founders and Le Nghi Dan is first as well as the last "victim" in the latent conflict for power for nearly 20 years. Therefore, in review of the event Le Nghi Dan, the scientists need to re-consider under the specific historical perspective objectively and scientifically.


Author: News, photos: By Hong Anh
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