Many problems in mining

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Many problems in mining have been presented at the conference "The hot issue of mining in Vietnam and solutions", organized by Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations on 7th October in Hanoi.

 According to statistics, by the end of 2013, out of 495 mining permits issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, they have 51 expired license but 41 cases had not documented prescribed mine closure , 101 areas had no output in 2013 and 19 areas were idle or not implemented.

Dr. Lai Hong Thanh, Association of Geology and Mineral Resources said that many businesses have not interested in investment properly for exploration reserves, inventory reserves and mineral resources ... lead to a situation as "poor minerals" in the mining process, the State is not managed well the “assets" of the people . Together it is the implementation of the obligations of work safety; labor protection for workers of the mining business is not good. The cause of this situation is mainly due to mining enterprises are small or very small, they have no technical conditions for investment in processing and exploitation; the inspection and examination of mineral activities are not highly effective.

According to experts, the "holes" in the management policies led to this situation. "Many tax policies have problems. Without proper adjustment, the enterprise will now only exploit the "lean", which is a good mineral reserves, and will leave the "bone", part of the deep reserves or low-quality, causing loss of the state budget" Dr. Le Ai Thu, General Secretary , Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Economic Geology said.

Thu Trang

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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