Improving capacity and profession in emulation and reward

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Improving capacity and profession in emulation and reward

On9th August 2014in Hanoi, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association(VUSTA) organized conferenceabout improving capacity andprofession in emulation and reward. Attending themeeting was Mr.PhamVanTan-Vice President andSecretary Generalof VUSTA, Nguyen KhacHa– Director Generalof Emulation and RewardDepartment-Board ofthe CentralEmulation and Reward.

At the conference, Mr. Nguyen Khac Ha stated the basic content of emulation, the relationship between emulation and reward like the concept, purpose, content, principles and forms of emulation, the emulation titles ... The basics of reward as the concept, purpose, subject, content and other forms of reward.

In addition, the conference discussed the contents of State management about emulation and reward such as enacted legislation, policy development, dissemination, guidance and implementation of legal provisions about emulation and reward, the result of implementing emulation and reward Laws after 10 years of deployment... and innovation content of the emulation and reward by Ministry of Politics in the future.

To conclude, Mr.PhamVanTan-Vice President andGeneral Secretary VUSTAon behalf of VUSTA emphasizedthe key taskof Emulation and Rewardworkover timeas well asa key taskin the coming periodof VUSTA such as issuing the enactment; directing, organizingemulation and reward; improvingthe quality ofrewardto ensureaccuracy, transparency, timeliness, improving the qualityofEmulation and Reward Council‘sactivities

Translated by Nga Nguyen

Author: Le Hong
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