Building and development of culture and people of Vietnam

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Building and development of culture and people of Vietnam

On 9th October 2014, in Hanoi, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association Party (VUSTA) has organized the 9th Conference Grasping Central Resolution Session XI about Building and Development of culture and people of Vietnam. Attending the meeting were Mr. Pham Van Tan - Secretary of Party Committee - Vice Chairman and General Secretary of VUSTA, Prof - Dr. Nguyen Chi Ben – Director of Institute of National Culture and Arts and representatives of the Party under VUSTA.

 Speaking in the opening session, Mr. Pham Van Tan stressed: After 15 years of implementing the 5th Central Resolution Session VIII, the building and development of culture had been developed positively both in thinking and perception, the cultural product became richer, heritages were detected and preserved, religious activities and beliefs of the people were concerned. However, compared with the other achievements of the country, cultural achievements are not matched, they are not enough to mitigate effectively on human beings and a healthy cultural environment.

At the conference, Prof - Dr. Nguyen Chi Ben has mentioned the orientation of building and development of culture and people of Vietnam in a comprehensive manner with the spirit of the 9th Central Resolution Session XI such as enhancements to the standard cultural value and people of Vietnam in personality, morality, wisdom, power, physical, spiritual, responsibilities and duties of citizens ... to family, community and country. Building a healthy cultural environment suitable for the development and integration of the country, promoting the role of individuals and families in building cultural environment promote Vietnamese people’s perfection personified.

The conference participants discussed and made many comments such as building comprehensive development for Vietnamese people, building a healthy cultural environment, building culture in politics and economy, improving the quality of performance culture, developing cultural industries and cultural market, cultural and international integration, the quintessence of human culture, solutions as well as ways of organizing and implementation of Resolution.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

Author: Le Hong
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