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-       Assisting the Presidium with the management of scientific research, technology development, and environmental protection activities.

Main tasks:

-       Building five-year and annual action plans, as well as other documents for VUSTA’s sciencific, technological, and environmental activities.

-       Managing and making reports on the scientific, technological, and environmental protection activities of VUSTA Headquarters and VUSTA member and affiliated organizations.

-       Participating in consultancy, judgment and social expertise activities and scientific, technological and socioeconomic projects and research.

-       Assessing the dossier and supervising scientific and technological activities of organizations affiliated to the Presidium.

-       Reporting the scientific and technological activities of members and affiliated organizations to VUSTA leaders.

-       Building scientific and technological cooperative programs with relevant agencies.

-       Archiving and processing documents related to scientific and technological activities.

-       Performing other assigned tasks.


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