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- Assisting the Presidium with organization and personnel work.

Main tasks:

1. Organizational work

- Building up documents related to VUSTA’s organizational structure and VUSTA development at central and provincial levels.

- Providing assistance related to establishment procedure for member and affiliated organizations.

- Supervising the operations of affiliated organizations.

- Supervising the implementation of organization-related tasks of members and affiliated organizations

2. Personnel work

- Building up documents related to VUSTA personnel work

- Doing the personnel planning for VUSTA headquarters

- Assisting the Presidium with VUSTA personnel work

- Guiding VUSTA staff through the Party and State policies.

- Organizing training courses for VUSTA staff

3.  Emulation and commendation work

- Building up plans, regulations, policies for VUSTA emulation and commendation work

- Acting as a permanent member of the VUSTA emulation and commendation council

4. VUSTA party committee-related work

- Acting as a permanent member of the VUSTA party unit office

- Assisting the VUSTA party committee, building up its conference agenda, prepare resolutions, decrees and related documents, and contact relevant authorities.

5. Conducting other assigned tasks


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