Co-Operation Agreement Between the Ministry of Education & Training (MET) and the Vietnam Union of Science & Technology Associations (VUSTA) for 2005 - 2010 period

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Implementing the national strategy on Education Development in the period from 2001 to 2010, and the instruction of the Government on promoting activities of VUSTA.

The Ministry of Education & Training (hereinafter called the Ministry) and the Vietnam Union of Science & Technology Associations (hereinafter called VUSTA).

Agree to co-operate under the main contents as follows:

I. Purpose of co-operation:

Grouping and promoting the large potentialities of scientists, scientific and technological cadres, contingent of lecturers/teachers, scientific and technological organisations, educational institutions, training centres for implementation of tasks assigned by the Government, thus contributing to the promotion of education-training cause, for the realization of national industrialisation and modernization aiming at the objectives of enriching the people, strengthening the nation, making the society equitable, democratic, civilized.

II. Contents of co-operation:

1. The Ministry shall collaborate, create conditions for VUSTA to organize and implement these activities:

- Participating in the elaboration of policies, programmes and projects on education and training presided by the Ministry, participating in the compilation, appraisal of programmes for teaching, learning, curricula, text books, lecturer’s books, reference books, appraisal of teaching and learning equipment.

- Appraising, criticizing and evaluating the quality of education and training.

2. The Ministry and the VUSTA jointly collaborate for:

a) Organising conferences, scientific seminars, publishing scientific - technological works; science researching and technology transferring in the service of education and training, linking education and training with research and application of scientific and technological achievements in production and actual life.

b) Finding out and nurturing talented pupils and students by various forms:

- Organising nationwide student’s “Olympic Competition; nurturing good pupils for participating in national and international competitions;

- Organising competitions and awarding prizes to scientific research projects by students and other prizes sponsored by VUSTA and its member associations;

- Granting scholarship to qualified pupils and students, to good, hardship – prone pupils and students;

c) Creating favourable conditions for education and training units under VUSTA to co-operate with domestic and foreign training institutions;

d) Bettering the management of education & training units sponsored by VUSTA and its member associations as well as of its affiliated legally established organisations.

III. Implementing organisation

1. Yearly, basing on this Agreement, VUSTA and the Ministry set up concrete plans for co-operation, balancing necessary and sufficient conditions for joint implementation, control and evaluation of efficiency.

2. On the framework of this Agreement, the Ministry and VUSTA shall act and give thorough guidance for enhancing and creating favourable conditions to provincial Education & Training departments, to Science & Technology Unions having co-operation agreement and substantial activities on the basis of their actual local conditions, with annual recapitulation, evaluation and report for submitting to the Ministry and VUSTA.

3. Leadership of the two parties constantly supervise, give guidance and periodically meet each other in the IVth quarter of the year for assessing co-operation results and putting forth new co-operation tasks.

4. VUSTA assigns to its division of Training & Knowledge diffusion, the Ministry assigns to its department of Science & Technology being the clues for contact, compilation of annual cooperation plans, helping the leaderships organize and implement plans and in-time dealing with problems arisen during the process of co-operation.



For the Presidium

Chairman Vu Tuyen Hoang
For the Ministry
of Education & Training

Minister Nguyen Minh Hien



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