Excavation proves values of ancient citadel

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Excavation proves values of ancient citadel

The recent archaeological excavation at the Luy Lau Ancient Citadel relic site has provided information about its scale, internal structure and date, said the Vietnam National Museum of History.

Accordingly, the Luy Lau Ancient Citadel was established about 2,000 years ago, including the internal and external citadels. The external citadel faces the North (as houses and citadels were built in cities and residential areas in the Han Dynasty) while the internal citadel is located in the East and South. This means that the Luy Lau is located on the right bank of the Dau River at the Thanh Khuong commune in Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province.

Researcher Hoang Hieu Phan said the internal citadel was built during the Han Dynasty and upgraded or repaired in the following dynasties.

“The identification of the internal citadel’s scale, structure and date is the most important achievement of our excavation,” Ms. Phan said, adding that 5 kilometers to the Northeast of the citadel is the Bai Pha Ho relic site (a portal residential quarter) and 4 kilometers to the west is the Sen Ho residential quarter.

This indicates that Luy Lau was an urban area with major satellite residential quarters and harbours, as well as important trading centres on the river bank in Giao Chi, Ms. Phan said.

Also at this excavation, researchers discovered 50 fragmented pieces of Dong Son drum, which was made of terracotta. These objects, which belong to different parts of the drum, date back to about the fourth century and feature the Dong Son culture with concentric circles and parallel lines.

Prof. Hoang Hieu Phan said it is an important archaeological discovery, which confirms the indigenousness of the Dong Son culture. The Luy Lau ancient citadel was an integration of native culture (the Dong Son culture) and alien culture (the Han culture).

Dr. Nguyen Van Cuong, Director of the Vietnam National Museum of History said the research of the Luy Lau Ancient Citadel plays an important role in providing scientific information about the Chinese-dominated period in Vietnam’s history.

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The recent archaeological excavation was conducted by the Vietnam National Museum of History; the Bac Ninh provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; and the Japan’s University of East Asia from November 10, 2014 to January 5, 2015 under decision No. 714/QĐ-BVHTTDL dated November 5, 2014 of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Source: Vietnam Plus

Translated by Dic

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