Vietnam marine science: being afraid of lacking enthusiasm!

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An undersea laboratory of European countries

An undersea laboratory of European countries

Vietnam Science Day is coming while China set up an oil rig in our sea, let have a look into our marine reaching.

Being afraid of lacking enthusiasm!

Talking to reporter of Dat Viet newspaper in the afternoon on 5th, May, 2014, Mr. Do Thai Binh – a 70 years old shipbuilding engineer of Ho Chi Minh City Marine Science and Engineering Association and member of Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), has said enthusiastic about Vietnam marine research science.

“Vietnam is a marine nation but our ability of marine understanding, researching, and managing is inferior in comparison with many countries in Southeast Asia” he said.

“For example, we have to repeat experiences and feat of arms since the resistant to the American such as checking and destroying torpedo etc. to create motivation and make example of achievements. Many years have past, our marine science had developed significantly but what achievements have it gained up to now?” Mr. Binh asked.

Mention to an incident happened last Friday, 9th, April, 2014, a group of scientists doing research on a rented fishing boat of fishermen was got trouble suddenly. The mission had to end but fortunately there was no human damage. Mr. Binh comment:

“Renting fishermen’s boat to do researching is highly welcome and helping to save budget. This action is welcome because it won’t waste money to build a new ship just use once a year or even some year. But the scientific institute itself did not prepare psychology and sense of a person going to sea.

Doing researching on the sea, but they did not understand their mean and its quality. What to do if there are any troubles? Is there anybody know escape skills? Even it was rented boat, but they have to turn it to a scientific research boat by their knowledge, experiment and preparation. As can be seen from that case, we’ve still underestimated, not understood and had no enthusiasm for the sea”

“Such as marine archeology, we are able to do research in sovereign sea but why we did not do? Because historic experts cannot travel by boat and they do not know how deep their divers can dive. I want to emphasize that we do not have connection among branches in a proper way. What could we do if we could not understand our abilities?

The gian rig HD-981 of China has entered into Vietnam territorial waters

Mr. Do Thai Binh stressed that: “The weakest point of Vietnam science in general and marine science in particular is we doing marine research but we do not have enthusiasm. It is the same with the enthusiasm of soldiers sawing Truong Son Mountains and sailors driving no number vessels. If we do not have determination, passion, and love, I am afraid that we could not gain any achievements. The more investment is, the more wasting is. We have not took any benefits from our golden forest and silver sea but there is not much left.”

 Science needs to close to people

Talking more about enthusiasm, Mr. Do Thai Binh expressed: “In general, our applied science is not strong. Our researching is mostly macroeconomic and not practical. There were not many applications in life and economy. Meanwhile, workers are creating more scientific products and inventions than scientists.”

“Why Mr. Hoa in Thai Binh can build a small ship able to swim, float and dive? Why farmer can make dryers, reapers, tractors, threshing machines, pesticides or even airplanes? Firstly, they have passion. Passion and determination are first prerequisites to achieve success in any fields”.

The more understanding of sea we have, the more capability of protecting sea we have

“I have just attended a shipbuilding training program for fishermen, but they do not like the ship model. There were many inconveniences on that modern ship so that it cannot compare to their small wooden ship.”

“Why? Because there was no engineer who designed that ship could stay with fishermen in a long time. We are lacking of practicality. Science, research, and training are too theoretical and unrealistic”

“I do not ask all of mechanic engineers have to be fishermen but a school have to have a psychological department. Why does aviation have fly psychology and aviation psychology while the maritime does not have? Science for human is that. In order to develop science, we have to be close to people and understand them!” said Mr. Do Thai Binh



Author: Do Phong Translated by Nga Nguyen
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