Vietnam Lawyers Association to achieve further development

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Vietnam Lawyers Association to achieve further development

Over the past 59 years, the Vietnam Lawyers Association (VLA) has always made great efforts to consolidate its organisational structure and achieve rapid development.

On the occasion of its anniversary, VLA President Pham Quoc Anh granted our reporter an interview about the achievements the association have gained during the Renewal Process.

Reporter: Can you brief us on the achievements of VLA?

Mr Anh: Generations of Vietnamese lawyers are all very proud of VLA’s glorious history. Over the past 59 years, VLA organisational structure has always been consolidated with 11 national congresses held. The number of VLA members has experienced considerable increase, from 40 in 1955 to more than 45,000 at present. The association now has member associations in 63 provinces and cities, 408 districts, 52 central member associations, and hundreds of members associations in communes all over the countries.

VLA has undertaken various activities in different fields: law making; legal science research; law education and dissemination; legal consultancy and judicial assistance; consultation, judgement and social expertise; law enforcement; grassroots mediation; consultation on the resolution of complaints and disputes. The association has also taken part in judicial and administrative reform, crime prevention, judicial training, and other judicial activities in accordance with the law.

Regarding international cooperation, VLA has strengthened ties and improved effectiveness of cooperation activities with lawyers associations and lawyers in the region and the world, thus contributing to promoting people-to-people diplomacy and encouraging overseas lawyers to contribute to the national construction process.

In recognition of VLA, the Party and State granted it the Independence Order, First Class on its 40th anniversary and Ho Chi Minh Order on its 50th anniversary.

In order to uphold VLA’s tradition, the associations and its member organisations will implement Instruction No.56-CT/TW dated August 18, 2000 of the Party Politburo, Conclusion 19-KL/TW of the Secretariat, Direction 08/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister on strengthening the Party leadership over the activities of VLA. Accordingly, VLA is recognised as a particular socio-political organisation, which will be assisted by the Party Committee at all levels to ensure its operational efficiency.

Reporter: What will VLA do to improve the legal education; legal consultation; crime prevention; supervision and social expertise?

Mr. Anh: VLA will actively participate in law-making activities. The association, in coordination with relevant agencies, are drafting the law on referendum in order to submit it to the National Assemble for approval in 2015. VLA also sends its experts to drafting committees of different law bills. The association has also effectively conducted consultancy, judgement and social expertise activities. VLA local member associations will also contribute their ideas to legal documents at their levels.

As a member of the Central Council for Law Education and Dissemination, VLA has its representatives at the Council’s Steering Committee and Secretariat and actively participates in the Council’s activities. VLA has also organised various activities to disseminate legal knowledge to people through different channels such as VLA websites and other publications. In the coming time, the association will hold contests on legal knowledge.

VLA and its member associations also attach importance to promoting legal consultation and judicial assistance activities, with a focus on judicial assistance for the poor, social policy beneficiaries, vulnerable groups, juvenile and people in remote areas. The association will effectively implement the project to mobilise all social sectors to participate in law education and dissemination to create a breakthrough in the issue.

As a member the Central Judicial Reform Committee, VLA has always made great effort to fulfil its task by participating in selecting judges and procurators. The association has also taken part in administrative reform, consultation of complaints resolution and grassroots mediation.

Reporter: VLA’s international cooperation and external activities have always been appreciated. What is VLA’s plan for the future?

Mr. Anh: VLA will reaffirm its role and position by fulfilling its role at regional and international law organisations such as the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), ASEAN Law Association (ALA). The association will also develop relations with other law organisations. Effective international cooperation will contribute not only to disseminating the Party and State’s policy but also to protecting the country’s sovereignty, especially in the East Sea.

Reporter: Thank you very much!

VLA’s development periods:

1/. The 1955 – 1980 period (National Congresses I - VI):

In the context of the country’s various important events that affected VLA’s operation, the association greatly contributed to the unification of the country by joining international effort to request the implementation of the Geneva agreement. VLA became a member of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL). Its operation was highly appreciated by international friends.

2. The 1980 – 2004 period (National Congresses VI - IX)

VLA and its local member associations achieved the target to develop and strengthen international cooperation in accordance with the Party and State’s foreign policy. VLA’s outstanding achievements greatly contributed to the socio-economic development process, national construction and defence. It also contributed to the world people’s struggle for peace, national independence, democracy, and social progress.

3. The 2004 – 2010 period (post National Congress X)

In this period, VLA achieved outstanding achievements in both internal and external affairs. The operation of VLA and its member associations was recognised by the Party, State and international and domestic organisations. This period marked a milestone in the development of the association, which opened up new opportunities for VLA to further develop.

4. The 2010 – 2014 period (post National Congress XI)

Under the leadership of the Party Politburo and Secretariat and direction of party committees and authorities at all levels, as well as great effort of the association, VLA has achieved rapid development at all levels, reaffirming its position in the society and taking advantage of Vietnamese lawyers to contribute to the national Renewal Process, and the building of a rule-of-law state.

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