Tran Dai Nghia Technological Innovation Competition widely spreads and goes into detail

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Tran Dai Nghia Technological Innovation Competition widely spreads and goes into detail

Since the success of the name the first Vinh Long provincial Technological Innovation Competition in 2007, through 4 times of organization and being renamed Tran Dai Nghia Technological Innovation Competition in the second time, up to now the competition has created the growing influence and attracted the participation of more and more collectives and individuals.

The Tran Dai Nghia Technological Innovation Competition is organized to stimulate and promote the initiatives of the provincial people in the production process, apply the scientific and technological advances into improving the working conditions, enhance the productivity to contribute into the socio-economic development, and implement the provincial industrialization-modernization.

Moreover, it fosters the creative labor movement, directs the scientific and technological staff to perform the targets of technological improvement and innovation in the advanced direction, as well as encourages the production and business and services organizations improve their operation quality and strengthen their competitiveness in the market at home and abroad.

The competition attracts the attention of numerous provincial strata to contribute their intellectual products into the provincial development.

From 30 participating solutions and ranked 15 for the first competition in 2007, the numbers have increased up to 68 and 32 in the order for the 4th competition in 2012-2013.

The solutions are increasingly diversified, deepened, highly creative, appropriate to social issues, formed from the practical labor and production, economically and socially effective, and availably applied widely into the life.

Pham Van Tam – Vinh Long  Department of Science and Technology said, after participating in and wining the second prize with the solution to produce soy sauce by chemical method, so far, this method has been applied effectively by the provincial manufacture establishments with transfer of technology. He felt so happy about that and found significance and positive impact of this competition.

Nguyen Van Thanh – Deputy President of the provincial People’s Committee emphasized, the competition was honored to be named after Prof. Acad. Tran Dai Nghia – the outstanding person of Vinh Long hometown, a national and international famous scientist.

Therefore, we need to focus on encouraging and strengthening the growing creative labor movement, detecting and developing the creativity of individuals, organizations, agencies, and unites in all fields, aiming at the local socio-economic development, and paying attention to the solutions contributing into increasing productivity, protecting environment, and increasing income of people.

The participating solutions applied or tested, performed trial production, and demonstrated the ability of to be effectively applied are mainly in the sectors of agriculture, industry, information technology, electronics, telecommunications, environment, construction, transportation, education-training, health, and others.

From the 1st to 4th competition, there were many solutions wining high prizes such as producing sauce with high protein content by concentration in the vacuum environment by the Hong Huong Food Processing and Trading Private Enterprise; technological process to produce soy sauce by chemical method, the product meeting the standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health.

These are highly practical solution were applied successfully in a number of establishments and possibly in other localities. The solutions in the industrial and agricultural sectors such as technical process of transplanting and planting bacterial wilt and mosaic resistant tomato for high productivity and quality;   technologies of planting, caring, and treating the flowering of IDO longan trees; tools to shape flowerpots of Thanh Hiep (Binh Minh) Production Trading Service Co., Ltd; and solutions of Vinh Long uninterrupted brickyards wining the first prize this year competition.

They are highly creative solutions, economically effective, and environmentally friendly, and reductive in terms of production cost.

Additionally, it attracts dozens of collectives and individuals to participate in educational sector with numerous solutions, many of which won prizes, contributing into the provincial educational development such as mathematics solution by Casio FX 570MS calculator; vacuum chamber for physic experiments, beads pictures, and teaching model “Vinh Long, my hometown”, etc.

Truong Quang Phu – President of Vinh Long Union of Science and Technology Associations, revealed, “the Competition created a wide spread and attracted more and more solutions to participate in. Many new models of productions are highly practical, economically and socially effective, and capable of being well applied into production and life.”

The competition organizing agencies consist of the provincial Department of Science and Technology, Union of Science and Technology, and Federation of Labor, Vinh Long Provincial Group, and a number of relevant departments, sectors, and units.

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