They place “a brick” in Vietnam territorial waters

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Mr. Ngo Thuong San – Chairman of Vietnam Petroleum Association – Photo: Huu Khoa

Mr. Ngo Thuong San – Chairman of Vietnam Petroleum Association – Photo: Huu Khoa

Vietnam Petroleum Association, is well-understood the escalating of Chinese aggression and plunder process to Vietnam sovereignty waters.

 He said:

- As what I see, China is playing a game – placing “brick” to plunder sovereignty of other nations. This is a political game but not petroleum technology. If they can place “the brick” in the sea, they can continue to place another “brick” to the south and near out coastal. They brought equipment which can plunder both natural resources and military blatantly to our veranda floor (it is veranda but not garden anymore). Considering all aspects, this is double-tonged and absolutely is illegal, immoral, as well as academic. They themselves demolished all of their promises and commitments.

* Could you speak clearly, whether China wants to plunger both our sovereignty and natural resources?

- I have to affirm that, the Vietnam petroleum had use Poisk and Binh Minh vessels to investigate seabed geology. They are bidding for exploration, mining oil and extracting gas. China just jumps in the middle to plunder. As I know, the nature conditions of this area are very complicated. It suffered many strong tropical storms. Its depth is about 1.500-2.000m with 2 different strong sea currents creating very strong horizontal cuts. There are few countries such as the US could exploit oil and gas in the complex deep water like this. China absolutely cannot do it. They cannot exploit oil and gas in deep water and far from their shore. The HD-981 oil rig is big but not threatened. Vietnam has used this technical equipment to explore and exploit oil and gas at the south continental shelf.

* Technically, how can HD-981 locate there?

- If there is any tropical storm, that oil rig will definitely have to move. It cannot withstand with strong storms. It locates kinetics by “propeller” but not anchor. The located co-ordinate is defined by satellite, with a few meters error. The rig can operate properly if the sea is quiet.  Vietnam is designing a rig similar to HD-981 but it is more modern with Norway technology. I want to repeat that the presence of HD-981 in the East Sea is a political tool but not petroleum technology.

* How will China pay for this illegal action?

- They are paying an expensive price. On technical and financial sides, they have spend millions dollars everyday or even more on operating that giant equipment with the strong protected logistics, paramilitary forces and army forces. But the heavier price they have to pay is destroying their position and image of a great nation. Is there any country dare to hire China National Petroleum Corporation which violently seized sovereignty of other country? Who dare to work with partner saying “Cooperating for the mutual benefits” but the truth is seizing? To nations have been and will cooperate not only with this petroleum corporation but also other fields, will they continue to believe Chinese honesty? Our national sovereignty is so clearly but they still can be double-tonged and seize. What can they say to other partner countries?

Considering political as well as technical and economic sides, China is exposing its true face. As in the art of warfare, this is the worst course of action, more harm than good! I believe that the Chinese also understand this downside.

* Has Vietnam experience any aggression, sovereignty invasion from China before this serious event?

Since the 1980s, when Vietnam started to exploiting oil and gas, we had been prevented, disturbed and aggressed by China. However, their potential including civilian ship and navy, was still weak so that their actions were ignorable. These problems have been serious and escalating since 1990s. From 1993 to 1994, China had blatantly bidding a lot in Central sea of Vietnam. There was a foreign country had received that bids but they had leave after out explanation and reaction. The situation was tenser after the China brought vessel in Vietnam territorial waters to do seismic survey by dynamite and then cut cable of Binh Minh and Viking vessels, prevent, disturb, fire to ships and plunder fishermen etc.

* How Vietnam Petroleum will confront with this tense situation, sir?

- We have to complete our continental shelf examination and submit to the United Nation to prove Vietnam legal sovereign. We are going to organize more conferences in the country and abroad to propaganda more and more international friends know about the right of Vietnam. This is necessary action with scientific basis and clarity regulation but not brutally double-tongued.

We cannot compare with China in terms of money and weapons, but we have a strength which cannot be defeated is patriotism. I burnt into tears when I saw our people on the road with the national flag. Vietnam history clearly demonstrated that if we unite together, we would be able to create a power to defeat any enemy.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

Author: Quoc Viet
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