The East Sea: Sovereignty and reconciliation

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The National Assembly Member Duong Trung Quoc

The National Assembly Member Duong Trung Quoc

Appreciating the establishment of a hotline between the two countries’ agricultural ministries in fishing activities, an easy field for civil conflicts, the National Assembly (NA) Member Duong Trung Quoc said that China "Sovereignty must be taken as importance, but flexible pathways should be obtained to avoid conflicts, to keep the peace atmosphere because it is the foundation for growth".

In the 10 signed cooperation documents during the visit of China of President Truong Tan Sang, a hotline has been set up for the unexpected incidents arise in fishing activities in the sea between the two countries' agricultural ministries. This can be interpreted as a step forward in solving the problems of the East Sea issues?

One important issue among nations in solving the hot problem is information.

I remember the story between McNamara (former U.S. Secretary of Defense) and General Vo Nguyen Giap, the Gulf of Tonkin story begins with the question that what it was like. And if there were opportunities missed or not, from misunderstanding and wrong decisions lead to unnecessary conflicts!

Back to the story, I found information - along with the reliability, will solve arising problems right away to avoid what we often say "the loss came the next". I think this is a very important issue.

The hotline was first set up in September 2009 in early June, a hotline between the two navies has also been established, and now the hot-line of fishing activities. How may these events stringed?

This is the two countries’ activities in many concerned areas. The establishment of a hotline between the two countries’ agricultural ministries in fishing activities – an easy field for civil conflicts, in my opinion it is very important to ensure the people's business and to ensure the factors we are looking forward to, in order to solve the issues of sovereignty. The Vietnamese fishermen have been harvesting in the fishery for hundreds of years before this.

In this session, the National Assembly heard a separate report on the East Sea situation, if you had to say to voters, what would you tell them?

I would say that the East Sea is a very serious issue of the country and the State had a direction, a priority policy to maintain the reconciliation, but on the platform is to keep sovereignty. In other words, in the classical methods of diplomats, we are "in immutable courses, respond to variables"; to get the sovereignty as importance, but in flexible pathways to avoid conflicts, keep the peace atmosphere, because it is the foundation for the development.

Of course, these are sensitive and serious issues. I think that not only the National Assembly Standing Committee, even the National Assembly members should also be involved to express the people’s will, and grasp the policies and guidelines so that they are active and take the information back to the people. Indeed, the so important thing in our national defense is not the armed force, but a national defense among people. The national defense among people is a sharing platform and people assume. I think this is very important.

Of course, any sector also has its limits. Those limits should be clear but not that when requested, the minister is to present.

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