General Vo Nguyen Giap and his scientific researches at Hanoi university of Science and Technology

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General Vo Nguyen Giap and his scientific researches at Hanoi university of Science and Technology

Hanoi University of Science and Technology is one of the best science centers of Vietnam. It plays an important role not only in researching, teaching and training talented scientists for the country but also contributing to the economic development and national defense. The school has been praised by many leaders of the Communist Party including General Vo Nguyen Giap. It is an honor and pride for all students and staff of the university.

General Vo Nguyen Giap was not only a talented military leader, a brilliant politician, a great man of culture but also a teacher and a scientist. When he was young, General Giap was a patriot intellectual. He also had close relationship with the Intellecture elite of the country at that time such as Professor Ta Quang Buu, Professor Tran Dai Nghia, the first principal of Hanoi university of Science and Technology from the very first day when the university was established. Everyone loved and respected him so much and vice versa, General Giap also believed in the capacity of the young intellectual elite.

As a Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the science and technology, General Giap found that the Office of the Government did not have any authorities managing research and scientific activities. Therefore, he decided to set up Department of Science and Technology (abbreviated as V10). V10 attracted a core workforce from major universities, including 5 officers of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Some science were well-known and had deep knowledge such as:Dr. Nguyen Van Huong Dr. Huu Trinh Ba; Dr. Nguyen Van Tam, Dr. Nguyen Giang …

Due to relationship with the intelligentzia, General VO Nguyen Giap formed scientific and technological development strategy. GeneralGiap integrated into work not only as a leader, a strategy planner but also as a collective member of research staff. General was very interested in the scientific workforce andrequired regular meetings and consultations among universities. At that time, a lot of workshops, discussions took place in a large hall of HUST(nowis Hall C2) and General Giap came very often. These events happened in democratic, casual, and intimate atmosphere. While scientific staff was speaking, General listened intently. Many people commented that the General had persuaded and encouraged people to say what theyhad been thinking and to contribute their opinions to the development of the country.He was also a very humble person and a good. General Giap asked scientists to express their thoughts to build the meeting and not to sit silently.

After that, many people cannot forget the memories of the meeting with General Giap at HUST. One day, while working in the hall, General Giapasked Prof. Ha Hoc Trach: "Who play the main roles in mechanic department? Do they work together? " . After the principal answered, the General said: "I know the Hanoi University of Science and Technology now has three top mechanical engineers, if they work cooperatively, the department will develop very fast”.  Once, Prof. Tran Thanh Tuan was elected by Ministry and the school to go to meet General Giap at 30 Hoang Dieust.and discuss the development of science and technology. Prof. Tran Thanh Tuan and Deputy Director of Science and Technology Committee (which now is the Ministry of Science and Technology) satinfront of the General. General Giap carefully took notes of what they were talking about because the General wanted to learn more about science and technology. Then, General suddenly put his pen down on the table and said: " According to encyclopedia, Larousse dictionary, technology isTechnologieswhich has two parts: Technic and Logos. Their meanings in Greek is technique relating to career and theory", then turned to ask him to:" Do you agree? " . Then General Giap said: " At the present, what is technology understood? Which level is our country at? We must correctly understand definitions of science and technology rather than use them rampantly" and related it to the reality in HUST. The correctness of General’s awareness was always attaching to practical reasons. General encouraged and reminded the university teaching staff must has both theoretical thinking and practical applications to strengthen good teaching and good learning.Furthermore, the General also interested in suggesting that Committee of Science and Technology tooffer funding for universities.Thus, the scientific researchers could be deployed in the field.

After receiving attention of the General, leaders of Hanoi University of Science and Technology advocated the promotion of scientific researches to serve production and combat. Therefore, scientist, teachers and staff started to conduct many state projects and researches. When visiting HUST, General spent many praises to scientific works. General specially focused on the topic “Methodsto counteractmagnetic torpedoes and bombs“(America army sprayed in Vietnam to isolate the Southern Revolution in the years of 1972-1973). This work was conducted by Prof. Dr. Vu Dinh and other experts from Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Defense. It was awarded Ho Chi Minh prize in 1998.

When they began to work on this thread, tools and means were so rudimentary, only a thin steel ruler, while the requirement for the accuracy of product was very high, up to 0.001 mm (1/1000 mm) and 0.0005 mm (0.5 / 1000 mm). However, with strong determination, willpower and mental tenacity to overcome all difficulties, hundreds of staff ( including up to 20 professors, engineers, staff from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemistry and other departments ...), the first product was made and launched in 1975. This product was successfully completed in 1978 to serve the building of socialism in country. This work was received 3rd class Labor Medal.

Since 1975, scientific activities and technology transfer of Hanoi university of Science and Technology has taken steps into a new remarkable development. The process in both breadth and depth is effective in many aspects for the school and for the social-economic development. It has practical contribution to industrialization and modernization of the country. We fondly remember, pay our respects to gratitude attention andconsiderate words commanded by General for the school. General Vo Nguyen Giapwill always exists in the hearts of every staff and students of HUST.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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