Gathering, uniting and promoting the creativity of intellectuals

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Gathering, uniting and promoting the creativity of intellectuals

Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (Vietnam Union Associations) strives until 2020 to become a strong political - social organization, has a pivotal role in gathering, uniting and promoting the creativity of the scientific and technological intellectuals, contributing to science and technology to become a driving force of economic – social development. Prof. Dang Vu Minh - Chairman of the Vietnam Union Associations said that in a meeting with the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan.

 Prof. Minh said, as a member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, Vietnam Union Associations responded and participated actively in the campaign launched by the Vietnam Fatherland Front;  directed the  association’s members, institutions of science and technology to participate in the movement of the Vietnam Fatherland Front.

Gathering, uniting and promoting the scientific and technological intellectuals to comply with the guidelines and policies of the Party and State; directing and creating conditions for the organizations of science and technology to participate in community development and poverty alleviation; encouraging and supporting the Union organization, Youth Union to participate in many campaigns and social welfare movement.

In addition, Vietnam Union Associations promptly expressed political attitudes before the big events at home and abroad; especially in the complicated situation in East Sea, Vietnam Union Associations and its members such as the Vietnam Oil and Gas Association, Vietnam Fishery Association, Vietnam Lawyers Association have defended the sovereignty of Vietnam over the Paracels, Spratlys and the exclusive economic zone in the sea of Vietnam.

Prof. Minh also said that at the moment Vietnam Union Associations  has 62 Provincial Union Associations , 77 National Industry Associations, including 4 General Assembly with more than 80 member associations operate in the country, with over 600 science and technology organizations.

Currently, Vietnam Union Associations  has actively contributed many ideas on draft documents, guidelines and important policies of the Party, National Assembly, the Government and local authorities; participated in assessment activities and social criticism of the Vietnam Fatherland Front as the amendment draft of the Constitution 1992, the Economic – Social  Development Strategy Draft of Vietnam 2011-2020, The National Strategy Draft for Diversity Biology to 2020 with a vision until 2030, the Capital Plan Draft to 2030 with vision of 2050 and many other drafts.

Many advisory opinions of Vietnam Union Associations have been collected and added to the draft documents by the authorities. Through practical operation, Vietnam Union Associations increasingly asserted its role as a capable and dependable organization in advising and proposing to the Party, State about the big issues on the guidelines, national development policies.

Vietnam Union Associations and its members, especially national industry associations gathered many prestigious intellectuals, scientists and industry experts from many different fields to participate in critical issues of the big project at the national level with interdisciplinary such as Son La Hydropower project; The construction of nuclear power plants; Effectiveness evaluation of Highlands bauxite mining project; North-South High speed rail and other projects.

Vietnam Union Associations continued to promote the strength of the intelligentsia who engaged in propaganda activities and dissemination of scientific knowledge and technology among people, contributed to the increase of people’s knowledge and bring advanced science and technology to production and life with specific content suitable for each subject, in many ways, especially through the social media in the central and local, press and publications of the Vietnam Union.

Vietnam Union Associations participated actively in promoting socialization activities in the fields of science and technology, education and training, environmental protection, health, community development and poverty alleviation . Since the beginning of 2014, the Vietnam Union Associations has signed three cooperation programs with Thang Long University, Bac Giang People's Committee and the General Directorate of Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Vietnam Union Associations continued to promote partnerships with many organizations and professional associations, scientific and technology organizations in the world; attracted more resources from international organizations, non- government organizations and overseas Vietnamese intellectuals.

Vietnam Union Associations also selected and awarded many groups and individuals who have made ​​great contribution to the cause of science and technology, a worthy contribution to the cause of building and defending the country.

However, according to Prof. Minh, besides the goal has been achieved, there are still some difficulties. Most recently, Directive No. 42-CT / TW of the Political Ministry has identified Union Vietnam Association is a political social organization which has 2 levels system from the central to provinces and cities under central authority which has the State’s funding and operating conditions, such as other political - socials organizations. But the delay in amending and promulgating legal documents relating to political – social organizations is one of the difficulties for the operation of the Vietnam Union Associations.

In the issue of gathering intellectuals, Vietnam Union Associations currently only gathered more than one million intellectuals - over one third of the total intellectuals in the country. Many intellectuals, especially the young intellectuals and intellectuals who work in non-state sector have not been gathered within the organization. Before the complex situations in the recent time, a number of intellectuals also expressed vibrations, not really believing in the leadership of the Party, in the management and administration of the State.

The catching ideological evolution and the political education of the intelligentsia is not proper care; has not organized the appropriate forum, created environment for intellectuals to be able to express their views and ideas. Many important issues that need advice, criticism of the Vietnam Union Associations and its member are not interested by the ministries, agencies and local authorities. Enforcement mechanism is inadequate which asks for highly critical advice of the consultation but the time was too short.

In addition, some agencies have not really created a favorable environment for the Vietnam Union Associations and its member to participate in proposal, building and implementation of the programs and activities associated with economic - society development strategies of the country.


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