Female students shine in scientific research

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Female students shine in scientific research

Successes in highly applicable scientific research subjects of many female students in 2013 make the research activities of universities and colleges seemingly more eventful and attractive. Intelligent, charming, and eager to learn are outstanding samples in universities.

Spending all night doing experiments

Nguyen Phuong Thao, Bachelor of Biotechnology of Hanoi Open University remembers the most the nights of disappointment and tiredness because of unsuccessful experiments during 2 years of implementing the group’s research subject before being crowned with the Frist Prize of the Vietnam Young Science Talent Award 2013. With the guidance of Dr. Ta Thi Thu Thuy – Head of Biotechnology Department, the subject “Research on M1 mutagenesis which encodes the enzyme O-methyltransferase of Streptomyces sp. KCTC 0041BP by synaptic method”, Nguyen Phuong Thao and Bui Van Trinh initially helped the domestic pharmacy to approach new direction following the path of antibiotic biosynthesis that extracted crude antibiotic and opened the industrial production capacity of antibiotic products in bulk.

Talking about difficulties, MA. Nguyen Thanh Chung, one of two instructors of the research group of Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao said, without enthusiasm and quality of a scientific research, it is difficult to persistently purchase this work. “Sometime, Thao, Trinh, and instructors have to spend all night working in the laboratory while ensuring the study”, shared MA. Nguyen Thanh Chung.

It is difficult to imagine the happiness of the research group when getting the achievement expected for a long time, successfully creating derivative of a new generation antibiotic. MA. Nguyen Thanh Chung revealed that this research work would be officially announced on the international scientific journals because there was no scientist in the world doing study on this path of biosynthesis of mutant strain in creating a new antibiotic line.

 “If the students just only come to listen to the lectures, they cannot understand how to do real science and which necessary skills for a serious job” – emphasized Vu Minh Tam, the 4th year student of Academy of Journalism and Communication, the implementer of the subject “Effect in the utilization of loans from the Bank for Social Policies of Hanoi students”. The scheme of the research group of Vu Minh Tam won the Second Prize of the Vietnam Young Science Talent 2013 Award.

Female students shine in scientific research

With the subject coming from sociological perspective, Vu Minh Tam had experience in communication when implementing together with the group’s members 300 interviews with students on program of loans from the Bank for Social Policies. A month of collecting questionnaires helped Vu Minh Tam and the group’s members draw the effective approach to interviewees to get accurate investigations for the research subject.

The difficulties in collecting opinions are only a part. Vu Minh Tam affirmed that without the detail instruction of MA. Pham Huong Tra, the group’s research subject could hardly be completed and highly evaluated when it was incredible complex and required high scientific knowledge to preform tabulation and data analysis, then make the comments. At the same time, the effect of loan program was surveyed with good results. With its analytical perspective, the subject showed pretty many exact statistics, providing the more scientific view of strengths and weaknesses of the student loan program. To share with students, Vu Minh Tam told that “The students themselves should have awareness of allocating revenue and expenditure to promote the most effectively capital.”

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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