Vietnam’s outstanding female intellectuals

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Vietnam’s outstanding female intellectuals

During the country’s construction and development process, intellectuals, particularly female intellectuals, have always played important roles by making great contributions to the country.

Prof. Hoang Xuan Sinh

Prof. Hoang Xuan Sinh is Vietnam’s first Ph. D. in Mathematics. She was born on September 8, 1933 in Cot Village, Tu Liem District, Hanoi (Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay District). Her mother passed away when she was eight years old. Her father, Mr. Hoang Thuc Tan, was the sponsor of  the Thanh Nghi Newspaper, a newspaper with progressive outlook then.

She completed her university, MA. and Ph. D. study in France under the guidance of Prof. Alexander Grothendieck, a world-famous mathematician of the 20th century. She was also the first foreigner who completed her Ph.D. thesis in Mathematics in France.

After completing her Ph.D. study, Dr. Hoang Xuan Sinh came back to Vietnam to teach Math and join a group to design the curriculum for secondary schools and universities. She was Head of the Algebra  Session and then Head of the Mathematics Department of the Hanoi Pedagogical University. She was also one of the founders of Thang Long University, the first private university in Vietnam.

Prof. Hoang Xuan Sinh is now President of Thang Long University. She was also member of the Kovalevskaya Award Council, member of the National Council for Science and Technology Policy, member of the National Education Council, and member of the Vietnam National Encyclopaedia Council.

She received France’s Palm Academic Order in 2003 for her contributions to scientific development and co-operation between Vietnam and France and was presented the “people’s teacher” title by the State.

Prof. Dr. Sc. Pham Thi Tran Chau

Prof. Pham Thi Tran Chau was born on July 29, 1938 in Dien Phong Commune, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam province. She was a leading scientist in biochemistry in Vietnam.

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She graduated from the University of Hanoi in 1959 and then became a teacher of biology at the university. She completed her Ph.D. course at the University of Lódz’ in Poland in 1974 and became a Doctor of Science in 1958.

Prof. Pham Thi Tran Chau has a great passion for scientific research. She has had dozens of research projects at both State- and Ministry-levels which benefit the community and society such as a research project on the production and application of  Proteinaz, one on the production of Proteinaz for pet food…

In 1988, she was granted the noble Kovalevskaya Award for her devotion and contributions. She has also been granted the “meritorious teacher” title and other orders including the Labour Order, second and Third Class; US Resistance War Order, third class; Medal for the development of fisher folk; Medal for the Science and Technology development; Medal of Educational Achievements…

In 2011, she was elected President of the Intellectual Women’s Association for the 2011-2016 tenure.

Prof. Dr. Sci. Vo Hong Anh

Vo Hong Anh was born in 1939 and passed away in 2009. She was the daughter of the legendary General Vo Nguyen Giap. She did not have a peaceful childhood as her friends. Her father went to China for revolutionary mission when she was only one. She and her mother came back to Vinh to live with her maternal grandparents. Two years later, she came to live with her paternal grandparents when her mother was arrested by the French colonialists. Her mother died of typhoid in 1944. She met her father in 1946 when he was a revolutionary leader and did not meet him again until five years later.

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She went to Russia to study at a Vietnamese children school in Moscow. She left her school with a gold medal in 1959 before majoring in quantum physics theory at Lomonosov University. She graduated from her university with high distinction in 1965 and came back to Vietnam to work for the State Science and Technology Committee. She went back to Russia for her Ms.C. course and completed  it in 1969.

After working at the Theoretical Physics Center, the Institute for Physics, the Vietnam Academy of Science and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Moscow, she completed her Ph.D. course in 1982.

She came back to Vietnam and worked for the Vietnam Academy of Science. She became the first scientist who received the Kovalevskaya Award in 1988. 

Source: Intellectual and Development

Translated by Dic

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