Typical Science and Technology Intellectual in 2017: Prof. Dr. Tran Quy - a honorable doctor

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Prof. Dr. Tran Quy was born on September 2, 1939 in Duc Hoa commune, Duc Tho district, Ha Tinh province. In 1975, he was sent to Romania by the Party and State to study PhD in the field of respiratory medicine. During his internship at Pediatrics, he was concerned about the high mortality rate of pneumonia in children. That is why he chose the topic of "Clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of infantile pneumonia" in his thesis and that was highly appreciated by the Scientific Council.

After successfully defending his doctoral dissertation, in 1979 he returned to Vietnam to teach at Hanoi Medical University. In the process of teaching, he has trained generations of students, instructed PhD, postgraduate, intern student, specialist I, specialist II. He also participated in provide professional training for medical college and school, including professional skills for grassroots health workers.

In order to improve the teaching quality, he also participated in building and improving the medical training program at level of university, postgraduate and college. He was also one of the first to compile and teach medical pedagogy for medical schools since 1987. After compiling the material, he directly presented the topics of medical ethics, medical profession, communication skills ... for health facilities and health workers to improve professional quality for medical staff. In his career, he has been involved in editing and compiling over 40 top-quality textbooks and tutorials.

Besides the time of teaching and compiling materials, he was also active in scientific research.

In 1984, he and a number of colleagues successfully built the National Program for the Prevention of Acute Respiratory Infections in children that made our country to become one of the countries implementing the program the earliest in Pacific Asia region. The program has contributed to reducing infantile mortality from pneumonia by half.

During the outbreak of SARS in many parts of the world, including Vietnam, Prof. Tran Quy and his colleagues set up a SARS prevention board, developed treatment regimen, implementing anti- infection solution for the doctors, nurses in the hospital ... In the end, the epidemic was extinguished, 34 patients were completely treated, and there is not deaths. Vietnam became the first country in the world to successfully control this disease, highly appreciated by the World Health Organization and others countries came to learn experiences.

In scientific research, he chaired many scientific research projects at the national, ministerial and grassroots level. He completed 3 programs  at national and ministerial level, nearly 100 projects at grassroots level and scientific articles which were reported and published in national and international scientific journals, He enhanced scientific research collaboration with The United States, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan and many countries in the region and the world, especially topics on cardiology, respiratory, asthma, allergies, immunity, dangerous diseases prevention ... contributing to improve the scientific research quality of staff in medical facilities and to the development of Vietnamese medicine.

As director of Bach Mai Hospital, he managed the largest hospital in the country with 6 member hospitals, 4 centers, one high school, 27 treatment departments. He also took time for scientific research and to improve the efficiency of medical examination and treatment. Every day, he still spent time visiting the hospital room and taking examination for patients. He is also involved in the consultation of difficult cases, through which to train a class of young doctors with high qualifications. He is also frequently interested in opening behavioral training classes, reminding doctors about the attitude with patients, and enhancing medical ethics. He thinks that medical ethics is not only a behavioral attitude and good communication with patients, but doctors also need to equip themselves good knowledge and skills. Along with that, to perform medical ethics, it also needs cooperation from many other sides including the patient.

Up to now, after his retirement, he still participates in the training for students, postgraduate students;  participates in the Council for the dissertation of master theses, PhDs, intern doctor, specialist II, the professional councils of the Ministry of Health  selecting scientific research projects, participate in compilng written guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of common or newly infected diseases; joining the Consultancy and  Judgment Council of Vietnam General Medical Association, the Advisory Council to issue practice certificates and many other councils of Vietnam Fatherland Front and Hanoi. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of the pathology Encyclopaedia, a member of the Editorial Board of Vietnam Medical Encyclopedia (Phase 1) (2008-2011). He is now Deputy Head of the Permenant Committee, Head of the project of compiling the Vietnam Medical Encyclopeda , Principal of An Khanh Medical College ...

With his contributions in management and medicine, he was honored by the Party and State with the title of Labor Hero, the Teacher of the People, and many other noble awards. In 2017, the VUSTA’s Council for Honoring Intellectuals decided to honor him and 52 other typical intellectuals representing VUSTA’s member associations. The council also asked the Prime Minister to award the Certificate of Merit to acknowledge his tireless contributions.

Author: Minh Khoi
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