Typical Science and Technology Intellectual 2017: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Lam - Enthusiast with preservation of agricultural products

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Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Duy Lam has always been considered and remembered by generations of scientists by his devotion and enthusiasm in the research field of preserving agricultural products. As the Director of the Research Center at the Institute of Agricultural Electromechanic and Post-Harvest Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, he and his collaborators have presided over a number of scientific projects related to preservation of agricultural products.

Facing the situation that small traders use toxic preservatives, unclear origin, Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Lam and his collaborators have presided over many research projects at the national level related to preservation of agricultural products: "Manufacture of microfilm membrane for preservation of fresh vegetables and the production process"; "Research on production technology of Phenyllactic from lactic acid bacteria for preservation of agricultural products and foodstuffs"; "Research and application of technologies and equipment to produce membrane preparation for preservation of some fresh vegetables".

After a period of research, many products related to the preservation of agricultural products was born and brought high efficiency. CEFORES CP-10-01 is one of them. This preparation is in the form of microemulsion derived from plants or animals (such as polyethylene wax, carnauba wax, beeswax etc.), thus ensuring completely food hygiene, which is applied directly to the fruit surface. The fruits after application of this product retain their natural color and flavor. Preservation time is up to 30 days, with a significantly lower (less than 6%) of putrefactive spoilage and weight loss compared to other preparations or chemicals of unclear origin.

The product is applied in many provinces (Ha Giang, Hoa Binh, Ha Noi, Tuyen Quang, Ho Chi Minh City, Yen Bai ...) with many different fruits (Ha Giang Orange, Nam Roi pomelo ..) and the result is equivalent to imported BQE-15 products but the price is much cheaper.

The results of scientific research are also the premise for him to publish a series of articles in scientific journals and summary records of scientific and international conference, including 16 articles and international journals. He also has 03 intellectual property rights (01 patent, 02 industrial designs).

He is a principal lecturer at the Institute of Agricultural Electromechanic and Post-Harvest Technology, adjective lecturer of Hanoi Agriculture Academy, Thai Nguyen Agriculture and Forestry University and Hong Duc Thanh Hoa University (formation: post-harvest technology, advanced agricultural product packaging, quality control of farm produce, food quality management system, food safety in the food production chain, technology on  of vegetables and fruits), he chaired the program formation for PhDs on postharvest technology at the Institute of Agricultural Electromechanic and Post-Harvest Technology (2010). Under his instruction, two PhD students, 19 Master students, 28 students defended successfully their doctoral dissertation and their thesis. He is instructing now 02 PhD students.

He also successfully established the Vietnam-Japan Cooperation Program on Radiation Technology for the Processing of Marine Polysaccharides (1999-2008) and was appointed as the professional coordinator of this program. He was assigned by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the focal point of Vietnam at the ASEAN Committee on Food Science and Technology (from 2009 to present). He also participated in the Vietnam-US cooperation project "Analysis of pesticide residues in agricultural products and foodstuffs" 2004-2008, the result of this project is that a modern analytical laboratory was built.

In addition, he has been assigned by the Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality  to be Head of technical national standards TCVN/TC/F1 for Cereals and Beans (from 2015) and the Head of technical national standards TCVN/TC/F5 "Food Hygiene and Irradiation" (from 2016). He has compiled and proposed to issue dozens of standards and regulations each year. He has edited and managed the "Food and Health" Magazine of VAFoST (he was assigned to the deputy editor) and the "Rural Industry” Magazine by the Vietnam Agricultural Mechanics Association (editorial board).

In the activities of the Vietnam Association for Food Science and Technology, he participated actively in organizing the founding congress (2002), the Congress II (2007) and the Congress III (2012). In 2007, he was elected to the Executive Committee and held the position of Vice President cum Chief of Office of the Association. In 2017, he was added to the Central Council of VUSTA.

With his contributions in many aspects, he was received many awards and noble titles such as: third Labor Medal (2011); Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister (2009); Vietnam Gold Rice Award 2015 with products: technology for producing citrus fruit preservative film; Vietnam Rice Gold Award 2015 with products: pine resin processing technology chaine of 5-10 thousand tons per year; ITEX Gold Medal 2012 (invention and technology innovation); Second prize of VIFOTEC 2012: Complete technology and production equipment of colophan and pine oil, scale 5,000 tons / product / year. 

Recognizing his active contributions in intellectual mobilization and scientific and technological research activities, VUSTA decided to honor him as the Typical science and technology Intellectual in 2017 and proposed the Prime Minister to award him the Certificate of Merit.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Lam, born on 16 November1957 in Quang Giao commune, Quang Xuong district, Thanh Hoa province.

Current workplace: the Institute of Agricultural Electromechanic and Post-Harvest Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Vice President of the Vietnam Food Science and Technology Association, Member of the 7th Central Committee of VUSTA.

Author: Minh Khoi
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