The love of two Vietnamese scientists who terminated the rabies

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The love of two Vietnamese scientists who terminated the rabies

With them, love is not simply a normal feeling of men and women, not just the affection of two hearts but also is the passion of profession, the respect and sharing everything in life.

In the 60s and 70s of the last century, rabies was a terror to people throughout the country. Every year there was 3 to 4 thousand people die of rabies. Meanwhile, there were two scientists without difficult and dearth who have produced the first vaccine against rabies and implemented vaccination on a large scale, even without the help of the state.

That was the spouse: Dr. Nguyen Ba Hue and Dr. Nguyen Thu Hong. The power helped them to cope with the difficulties was love, respect and shared understanding from both sides.

The talented colleague

At that time, Prof. Nguyen Ba Hue was Deputy Director of the Institute of Veterinary; his concern was to find out a solution to help people overcome death chicken and rabies disease. A great luck with Prof. Nguyen Ba Hue that was he had a talented colleague and also a wonderful wife who always stays by his side.

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They knew each other while studied in China, when he was a graduate student, and she was a little student. From that first meeting, and when they came back to countries, they have engaged life together and attached to the Institute of Veterinary with scientific researches.

The first project that he and his wife studied was the subject of Laxota vaccines for chickens in our country in the 60s - 70s of the twentieth century. This was a period of war, many facilities were lacking, and the original did not have the support of the state so he and his wife were tinkering, looking for old equipment in hospitals to improve for laboratory and research vaccines.

When they had the consent of the Ministry of Agriculture, he and his wife struggled to find a way how to put that vaccines on a large scale to reach all parts of the country. The research of vaccines in conditions of war was difficult, but how to able to simultaneously produce multiple vaccines for whole countries was more difficult.

Prof. Nguyen Ba Hue was the main responsible person for the project, but the implementation of that project was Dr. Nguyen Thu Hong, with the clever of woman and passion for science, she creatively applied what was learned in order to make timely direction solutions.

She came directly to the provincial veterinary stations to help them build laboratories, leverage and improve equipment to carry out the production of vaccines, and training classes for doctors at the station so that they could master the process to produce the vaccine.

Dr. Nguyen Thu Hong said: That was very hard; we had to avoid the bullets, held both the baby and the drug. The provinces were not the same as it is now, because they were difficult so there was not much help.

Working, parenting and evacuating, there were many difficulties that without the passion of profession and sharing the difficulties with her husband, it was too hard to do well.

In his memoirs, Prof. Nguyen Ba Hui wrote: "I did not expect, Thu Hong – the slender and beautiful student of old days in the South China Institute of Agronomy - the shy veterinarian who was new apprentice in the department that I was the manager, could have strong-willed brilliant with great determination, has overcome all the difficulties of wartime, and especially so smart and creativity in scientific research, has successfully completed application project of Laxota intranasal vaccine which still caused high immunity to chicken.

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Then she organized vaccine manufacturing facility at the Institute and in the province to produce hundreds of millions of doses of Laxota vaccine to serve the request for resolving sick chicken disease in the country ".

Not stopping there, 20 years after the campaign to terminate chickens disease successfully, Prof. Nguyen Ba Hue continued to study a very difficult subject and urgent of our country in the 80s of the twentieth century.

That was the rabies which was spread out the country; the national annual estimates had 3-4 thousand people die from bites by rabid dogs. There were countless tragic death in front of the doctor and families that no one could do anything with it.

Then, the state had a policy to kill all the dogs in the country, but this guideline was not approved because dog is familiar to the people of Vietnam. Then, he talked with his wife about plans to research a new subject of vaccination for dogs under close model that he and his wife have done very successfully for chickens.

Until 19/5/1983, he and his wife founded the organization officially named "Rabies program in Vietnam", this was a voluntary program of the scientists, headed by him and his wife.

Because encountered the idea that he and his wife plan was paranoid so he did not have any funding support. All initial funds were spent by the couple.

Those who came to his house in the same year, they will forever remember "guinea pig farm" adopted by the couple to do experiments for rabies vaccines. Dr. Nguyen Thu Hong was in charge of the research department of rabies virus in the Institute of Veterinary was the contact person, organized in collaboration with other rabies discipline to implement.

Both directed, and done directly, Dr. Thu Hong has crafted millions of doses of vaccine each year to serve for a plan of rabies termination in the country.

So far, their studies are still widely used throughout the country. In any province, people always appreciate the efforts that he and his wife have done during the past.

The silent contributions but effectively bring practical, he and his wife have proved that their studies was a perfect fit. From this basis, the resolutions and decisions were made in time for the prophylaxis and treatment of livestock and poultry, as well as the lives of the people.

The enthusiasm of the scientists on the lives of farmers has never diminished. Even when they become older, they still continue to research new topics for poverty reduction.

On any path, any difficulty, they always smile because they always side with the powerful and understanding partner.

These late concerns

Efforts and success in career, busy with the researches of husband, sometime have to be replaced the husband to go to the province to implement the program, but Dr. Thu Hong is still the caring wife, mother and daughter.

Their two sons are successful. Now when they are older, the children are grown, they continue their passion for studies but now research a new direction and consider it is fun of age.

Prof. Nguyen Ba Hue still has a concern for farmers, while watching the program "the golden bell" on TV, he thought why there was no way to guide farmers to improve life for less poverty.

Based on the experience of the two campaigns, which he did very successfully before in the termination of rabies and chickens disease, he has created a program called "The rapid poverty reduction by advanced technology".

And he hopes that with how to do in sync, with the cooperation of many sectors, many agencies and organizations will form a closed chain in helping farmers bring scientific and technical advances in production thereby improving the lives of people.

His dream has been shown in detail in his work, and like the last time, he spent pension to print the brochure to send to each province, each district, individual agencies, and also from his pocket, he went to the province to convince them to be the pilot model.

Looking under his desk, Dr. Thu Hong laughed: "He did not say where he got the money to print and send all those documents but I knew. I have no objection but only love him; his health was no longer good as before, so the implementation will be more difficult.

I just hope the provinces when they read this document to see the good, the new for implementation."- Then she folded the brochure for straight ... How many years, she was always considerate to him, encouraged him for his scientific career.

With them, love is not simply a normal feeling of men and women, not just the affection of two hearts but also is the passion of profession, the respect and sharing everything in life. I still think that is the true meaning of love!

Nguyen Thi Hai

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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