Teenage twins receive US scholarship

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Teenage twins receive US scholarship

Lynn (Tran Kim Hoang) and Paul (Tran Minh Huy), 17-year-old twin sister and brother have graduated in biology and chemistry from the University of North Georgia and received medical doctoral scholarship of the Georgia Regents University.

Since studying at primary school, Lynn and Paul have shown their excellent results by skipping the second and fifth grade. When they were 15, they were student of 11th grade and at the same time, studying biology and chemistry at the University of North Georgia. A year later, they became the University’s official student.

“Team Tran”, as called by lecturers and students of the University of North Georgia, has had impressive results.

Despite hectic schedule in class and laboratory, Lynn and Paul always complete their job successfully, said Prof. Paul Johnson from the Faculty of Biology.

With the aim of graduating from the university soon, the twins register for different classes in Maths, Physics and in-dept research, which are usually for 20-year-old students.

Unlike other students, “team Tran” did not join an already running project; Lynn and Paul have really crafted their own research projects from scratch. Their research project on Bacteroides in efforts to better understand how certain specimens—such as E. coli—resist antibiotics were highly appreciated by Prof. Paul Johnson.

The first time I met with them about a project, I basically gave them a crash course on what an antimicrobial efflux pump was, how it worked, what classes of pumps there were, etc. Only a few days later they came back to me after having selected a bacteria that is challenging to work with and an uncharacterized efflux pump for their project, which told me how serious they are, said the professor.

Lynn and Paul graduated the University of North Georgia in early 2014 and hit the headline of the university’s online newspaper as “twins completing university study at 16”.

Lynn said to VnExpress that she and her brother want to become doctors to cure people. They were accepted by the Medical College of Georgia under the Georgia Regent University. In the US, those who want to take medical course must hold a university degree. At the Medical College of Georgia, the twins are also recognised for their excellent achievements in their study, research, and assistance to Ph.D. in laboratories. They are also interested in helping poor patients at a clinic next to their university.

Lynn and her brother Paul has become two out of four excellent students who are granted medical doctoral scholarships.

“It will take a student four years to become a practitioner, but we will have to spend seven years to become a doctor and a Ph.D. at the same time,” said Lynn.

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The siblings said they are aware of the hardship of a medical doctor as many of their family members are doctors. They said they themselves sometimes feel discouraged. However, their memories at the clinic as well as their aspiration to help poor people have made them understand that all their efforts are aimed at curing people, Lynn said.

Their mother, Mrs. Tran Kim Loan said Lynn and Paul always try to concentrate when they are studying at the university so that they don’t have to stay up late or get up early in the morning to study. Their father, Mr. Tran Minh Hien, also ask them to go to bed before 10pm. Weekend is always time for the family to enjoy themselves.

Born in the US but both siblings can speak Vietnamese very well because they always use Vietnamese at home. Their favourite foods are pork pie and spring rolls. Lynn is very proud of her mother’s cooking. Unlike other US youngsters, Lynn and Paul are still living with their family.

Lynn said she likes Vietnam because her grandparents and other relatives are living there. She and her brother also love the natural beauty of the “S-shaped” country.

I hope I can visit my homeland someday, when I can ask my university to organise a voluntary journey to examine poor people’s health, she said.

Source: VnExpress

Translated by Dic

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