Some innovative solutions highly recognized in the Bac Lieu second’s Contest for Adolescents.

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Author Trần Thị Ngọc Lan and Trần Phước Đại at the 12th national award-ceremony organized in 2016

Author Trần Thị Ngọc Lan and Trần Phước Đại at the 12th national award-ceremony organized in 2016

The second innovation contest for Bac Lieu’s adolescents organized in 2016 currently awarded 14 excellent models. Although there was no first prize, there were many innovative, fresh and technique-intensive solutions. The article would like to introduce three second-best solutions from the contest.

The game to help students of grade 6 to study History with the name “Vietnamese origin” developed by Trần Thị Ngọc Lan and Trần Phước Đại

Most of students nowadays are afraid of studying the subject “History” because it is a fact and data-based and very easy for students to fall asleep. The historical period of both Vietnam and the world is very long-lasting and very tough to digest all the information. Many teachers still fail to attract students because of their uninteresting way of teaching. Students therefore just want to study to pass their exams or to meet with requirements of their teachers.

As a result, the group of authors has discovered a new way for both studying and teaching the subject: that is to study online. The online game helps students to be able to play with each other, discuss and work in group online to learn history. Through the online games, students will improve their capacities to do exercises, understand historical events of Vietnam. Thanks to that, students are more inspired to study the subject with the spirit “play to learn, learn to play” with their computers.

“First we studied the history textbooks of grade 6 and grade 7 and word-file making skills (Informatics of grade 6) as well as the Violet 1.8 via educational games; then we decided roles to each member in groups to prepare multiple-choice questions, pair-matching questions, re-arranging questions, ect. With the dedicated support of our supervisors and our teacher of History, we selected the best questions to produce the game”, said by the group of authors. The product “Game to study the subject of History for grade 6-students” will help students to understand more about the glorious history of the Vietnamese people through many generations. With a brand-new interface, students will be able to play and study with each other about the historical events that they have already studied in their class or just because of their interest. Students will gain knowledge via interesting quiz and questions.

The questions are very diversified for students to learn and practice their patience. When they are able to understand the golden pages of the country’s history, they will be in love with and proud of it. Besides that, the game is also very useful for students to prepare for their periodical tests or final-term exams. Through the questions, students will be able to practice their knowledge and understanding of the past of Vietnamese people. Then, they will be delighted with the study via the innovative online method of “play to study and study to play”.

Automatic water supply-drainage system in aquaculture practice of the author Lê Thị Như Quỳnh


The author Lê Thị Như Quỳnh with her solution: Automatic water supply-drainage system in aquaculture practice

Born in a family with the tradition of shrimp-extensive aquaculture, the author witnessed the fact that in all circumstances it always required to have human labour to open culvert gate for water to inflow into shrimp ponds. This was very time-consuming and challenging as water level changed very frequently. With that, the author has invented a solution that is based on the theory of water-pressure and the principle of “communicating vessels” that she already studied in her physics class. Thanks to the solution, when the culvert will automatically open to receive water when the external water level is higher or automatically close to prevent water from shrimp pond outflowing when the external water level is lower. Besides that, the solution can be also used to drain water in the schoolyard in case of heave rain or flood as well as prevent schoolyard being flooded by rising tides and salt intrusion to protect school infrastructure as well as trees. The solution is also useful for rice cultivation.

Many shrimp-raising households in Vinh Mau hamlet, Vinh Hau commune- Hoa Binh district have applied the solution because of its convenience, cost-saving, labor-saving and time-saving in practice.

“When we need to supply water into the shrimp ponds, an end of the gas pipeline will be tied with the inner end of the plastic pipeline; the other end of the gas pipeline will be tied with a rope of 3 to 4 meter-long while the other end of the rope will be tied in a firm pole. When the tide rises, the external water level will be higher than that in the shrimp pond and therefore gas pipeline will be tensile and making water automatically flow into the shrimp pond. When the tide falls, the external water level will be lower than that in the shrimp pond and therefore gas pipeline will be shrink and preventing water to flow from the shrimp pond out to the river). This principle will be also applied when we want to drain water from the shrimp pond out to external rivers”,said by the author Lê Thị Như Quỳnh.


Innovative formulation to make mosquito-preventing tea of the groups of authors Nguyễn Tô Hồng Đức and Triệu Nguyễn Bảo Ngọc


Currently in the market there are many mosquito-preventing products, including those in the forms of gel, cream or sprays, ect. The main of ingredient of the products is cga6t1 DEET with the lowest concentration of 15% which is mixed with other chemicals. Those who suffer from Atopic Eczema or having sensitive skin should be very much careful when using such products. The group of authors have researched the “Mosquito-preventing tea” submitted to the last contest and have improved the formulation of making the product. The improvements are shown in detail as below:

Specific issues

Previous project


Improvements by the current project



Based on the traditional experience

Based on scientific research results


Made from glutinous-rice liquid and easy to get mildew

Made fromthe bark ofhibiscus and unable to get mildew

Amount of ash used



Usage parameters


From practical research studies

Technical parameters

Not clear

Clear (by testing)

Flaming products

Not stable

Totally stable

Using Effects

Able to prevent mosquito

Able to prevent and kill mosquito and some other kinds of insects

Author: Tiêu Trang Thanh
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