Scientist Trinh Quang Phu – a person with strong dedication and devotion to his homeland

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Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu (2nd person from the left) with the leaders of VUSTA in a meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on 17 February 2017 –  photo: Le Hong

Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu (2nd person from the left) with the leaders of VUSTA in a meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on 17 February 2017 – photo: Le Hong

I've heard a lot about Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu and kept my great admiration toward him long before I’ve met him.

In 2007, I made a move of work from the Department of Culture and Information (now the Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism) to the Phu Yen Union of Science and Technology Associations. In 2008, at the briefing session of the Unions of Southern Provinces, held in Dong Xoai Town, Binh Phuoc Province I only met and talked with him about five or seven minutes but the impression of him still stuck in me. At that time, Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu was a member of the VUSTA’s Presidium, 5th term, in charge of Southern provinces unions. Later, I was fortunate to contact with him in my work and daily life. He gave me the motivation, good advices and guidance out of his own experience. I have always been fascinated by the elegant manner, the calm, the bright face with his generous smile and profound knowledge in many fields.

In particular, I am very attentive to hear his concern about how to enhance living standards of the people of Phu Yen, worthy of the name that the predecessor had hoped for. As time passes, I’ve got to get better understanding about him as well as to appreciate him. What impressed me and made me respect him the most is his resiliency and the ability to overcome difficulties in life. He always shows great creative aspirations, energy to help people to get out of poverty and to make the country more rich, beautiful and civilized. Prof. Trinh Quang Phu is an  outstanding example of life style and working style, a great intellectual with over 60 years of constant dedication  and love with his homeland.

Always being a soldier

Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu, born in 1940 in An Chan commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, has a revolutionary family. The essence of the family, the tradition of the homeland, and especially the influence of his father, a patriot, a pre-revolutionary cadre, has been flowing in him since his childhood. I asked him: Is it the reason that why you grow alive to the ideals of revolution soon? He laughed: “You should not say that, for a 12-year-old child, it’s just love to my father and his teammates”. He worked to help his father and then naturally became a soldier. At first, he worked as the contact of the Commune, then the contact of the local battalion. He also participated in several battles during the campaign At Lang. That period was not too long, but it was three years of his childhood memory, he called it "years of soldier life".

In July 1954, the Geneva Agreement was signed, Phu Yen was under the control of the enemy. Phu Yen Party Committee was based in Dieu Tri (Binh Dinh). He was chosen as the secret contact between Binh Dinh and Phu Yen, only 4 months but he had to return several times to Phu Yen. A 14 years old child walked a hundred kilometers through many checkpoints of the enemy, sometimes he had to sleep under the drain to waiting the contact of the base. He passed all dangerousness, the last time he was discovered by a police officer, but thanks to his intelligence, he escaped. After, he was assigned to study in the North by the provincial Party Committee. He left his parents and homeland from the morning of February, 1955 at Quy Nhon seaport. He studied with others students in the South such as Truong Quang Duoc, Tran Xuan Gia, Ca Le Hien...

In the destructive war, he was a war correspondent who participated in 120 battles on Route 5 of Hai Duong hometown. After, he was sent to the fierce battlefield of Khe Sanh (1968). In the years of resistance against American imperialism, although he was not in the military but he participated in the National Liberation Front of the South. In 1968, after being back from the battlefield, he was assigned to attend the World Youth and Student Congress and then he worked the foreign affairs of the Southern Department of Central Committee of the Party, called CP72. It was a memorable milestone in his revolutionary career. In 1969, he was assigned as Press Secretary to President Nguyen Huu Tho (in Group 69). In 1993, when lawyer Nguyen Huu Tho became Vice President cum President of Vietnam Fatherland Front, he was allowed to work as the assistant of President Nguyen Huu Tho until President Nguyen Huu Tho passed away.

In 2001, the Institute of Oriental Development Studies, a scientific research unit under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) was established, Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu was appointed as Director of the Institute. Since its establishment, under the direct leadership of Mr. Phu, the Institute of Oriental Studies has program of cooperation with a number of scientific research institutions such as Central Propaganda and Training Department, the National Economics University, the Central Institute for Economic Management, the Institute of Development Economics, the Russian Academy of Social Sciences, the ASEAN Regional Office, the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the Federal Republic of Germany and some universities in Singapore and Malaysia.  The Institute have organized a number of outstanding scientific activities, which have made theoretical and practical contribution on the market economy, knowledge economy, science and technology, high quality human resources in the integration process. For example, some of the typical international and national scientific conferences: knowledge economy and the development in Vietnam; Socialization of education and training; Basic and comprehensive reform of education and training in Vietnam; Renovation and development of vocational training in Vietnam; Conservation and sustainable development of Tay Nguyen culture; Culture and Tourism of Vietnam- Russia... Nearly dozen seminars on the topic of education reform contributed to the Resolution on fundamental and comprehensive reform of education and training of the Central Committee of the Party.

As a soldier on the battlefield, an officer of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Liberation Front of the South, an assistant of President Nguyen Huu Tho, a member of the Central Committee, Vice Chairman of Oversea Vietnamese Council of Vietnam Front Fatherland, permanent member of the Vietnam Peace and Development Fund, the Vice President of the International Cultural Exchange Club, Mr Phu also owns two companies including Sai Thanh and Sao Viet Tourism Company... Each field he shows the creativity and recognized contribution. He also devoted himself to charity work. As a member of the Presidium of VUSTA, in charge of South unions, he fulfilled his mission successfully by mobilization and establishment of the Union of Science and Technology Association of the southern provinces.

Moreover, Prof. Trinh Quang Phu is also a journalist, a writer, a photographer. He has written for a long time, probably nearly fifty years ago with the pseudonym Hong Phu, Hong Thanh, the most special of his writings were those about President Ho Chi Minh and about the fighting life of the South during the anti-imperialist American aggression. With more than twenty literary works published by many publishers over the years, including two first printed works in 1973. Bilingual book “From Lang Sen to Nha Rong port” has been reprinted 15 times, and “Uncle Ho's journey to save the country” has been reprinted 10 times in, these books highlighted his name on the national literature.

In the field of photography, as a war correspondent, he has many famous photos including Khe Sanh Front Strike Team which won the gold medal at Sofia Festival1968 and the photo “Patrol”  which won First Prize of the Soviet Union in 1978. I especially admire him, at his 72 year old, he was also a colonel of security sector. Throughout his 60-year revolutionary career, Prof. Dr. Quang   Phu has been active in the revolutionary movement and has undertaken many tasks. But there is one thing that has never changed, he always think about his homeland, from thought to action, all show deep love with his hometown.

Deep love with the motherland

In the childhood memories of Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu, Phu Yen homeland has a long history and revolutionary tradition; People are hard-working, but their lives are still difficult. Once he recounted: "During the war against the French, as a contact boy of the commune, I often had to travel through this mountain (Thom mountain). After the ending of war, back to home hometown, Thom mountain is bare, wild, sunny and windy. I have traveled many countries in the world and found that there is not many places which have beautiful coast as our country. Why do not we make our coast into high-grade tourism zones to attract tourists from all over the continent? How to enhance living standards of the people here? The Party and the State have the policy mechanism, but every citizen also can help each other in this way or other way.

Another time he confided: “My father, when he saw the forest destroyed by the war, said to me: "Please try to plant trees to make green the barren hills". Understanding the hardship of the people in his homeland, Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu thought to help people by specific models such as development of eco-tourism. He has mobilized his relatives and friends to invest the construction of eco-tourism zone Sao Viet at Thom mountain. That’s why Sao Viet Travel Company was born.

9 years passed with a series of difficulties and hard work, Sao Viet resort was officially completed in the bursting joy of people. On 18 September 2013, the National Tourism Department has decided to recognize 5 Star quality of Sao Viet eco-tourism zone. This is the recognition of the tireless efforts of Sao Viet Tourism Company and the initiator, Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu and his family. This success is really great joy not only for Sao Viet Travel Company but that also for the people of Phu Yen. The rocky and windy hill in the past, which had only wild plants is now covered by the green trees and blossom flowers and birdy songs... Sao Viet resort’s unique architectural highlight is the perfect harmony between the wildness of nature and the meticulousness of the human. This modern five-star resort has been planned by the most attractive features of the forest and the sea. The resort also has original and comfortable villas and Tay Nguyen communal houses; the rooms are open space and attached to nature. The bathroom is also full of sunshine and trees, there are ancient Vietnamese houses in the middle of lotus pond, ostrich, deer, wild boar garden,..., winding roads along the mountainside with a lot of trees  and flowers for those who like to stroll ...All of that shows heart and deep love of the couple Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu. Sao Viet resort has a series of record such as the only 5 star resort of Phu Yen, which has the largest area in Vietnam, has a golf course, a zoo with many rare animals ... a high level spa with hot mineral water bath, outdoor swimming pool with area of ​​800m2 under artificial waterfall connected with the most beautiful and impressive caves. Bai Xep beach of 25ha area with clear blue water and pure gold sand, restaurant, bar, gymnasium, tennis court, billiards, souvenir shop, children's playground and karaoke..., all that has made this place a miniature paradise. Hong Ha journalist said that Sao Viet resort is the meeting point of dreams that anyone who stepped on it can not go back.

Sao Viet has also become a venue for many important events such as exchanges of representative ambassadors in more than 20 countries, international conference "Breakthrough solution for tourism development in coastal central provinces", Trade Fair of Central Highlands…. conferences of the Central Committee for Propaganda and Training, the Central Highlands Steering Committee, the Oriental Research and Development Institute, Central Steering Committee, General Department of Tourism, General Department of Vocational Training ...

The modern and luxury resorts has contributed to promote image, potential and advantage of Phu Yen and show the spirit of creative labor and the love to the country of Prof. Dr. Quang Phu and his family, said Mr. Pham Quang Nghi, Politburo member, Party Secretary of Ha Noi, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Binh, former Vice President of Vietnam.

The profound love to the homeland of Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu is also expressed in many humanistic activities. As President of the Phu Yen countryman Associations in Ho Chi Minh City, member of the Central Commission for the Poor in the South, Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu has called many donors inside and outside of country, the Sao Viet Tourism Company is also contributing to help the poor people of Phu Yen. Over the past 20 years, Prof. Dr. Quang Phu and his associates have contributed about 30 billion VND. The money is used to clear temporary shelters for veterans, for poor households, to build schools for children, to make cataracts operation for the blind, to build protection centers for disabled and agent Orange allergy children, scholarships for poor students. And in the occasion of the New Year, he brought thousands gifts to poor people to celebrate Tet... Not only help Phu Yen homeland, Prof. Dr. Quang Phu also mobilized a large fund to help Ca Mau province to build bridges and houses for the poor people, supporting and giving presents to heroic mothers in some provinces and cities ... Recognizing the great contributions of Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu for the country and his hometown, he has been awarded and honored by the Party, the State and international organizations. In 2014, he was honored as one of the 100 outstanding intellectuals on the socio-economic front of Vietnam.

Doing a lot of thing to the country, but Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu is very speechless when talking about himself.  He said: "I always thought that the beginning of my life I was a soldier and until the end of life, I will be also a soldier”. He thought his contribution to his homeland and the country is also expression of a soldier. The soldier of Uncle Ho in the characteristic of Dr. Trinh Quang Phu demonstrates the willingness to receive and fulfill any task assigned by the organization, willing to endure hardships, always pioneer on all fronts. In battle, the soldier is always on the front fire. Nowadays, the soldier is at the forefront of healing the wounds of war,  in all aspects of social life from economic development, culture, education, science and technology to the fields of journalism, charity society ... And the most worthwhile thing is that when the country needs, soldiers can sacrifice themselves for the independence and freedom and the happiness of the people. Pointing to all he has done, it is enough to see in him an extraordinary energy, a burning desire for love of the country, always overcome all difficulties, challenges, efforts to learn, conquer the dream in order to achieve better and happier life of family and the community. That energy is of a revolutionary soldier.


Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu

With more than 60 years of devotion to the cause of revolution of the Party, today, he has enough conditions to relax beside the family, but he is still passionate to work relentlessly with many dedication to the country and homeland. He directly participated in two long-term resistance war, contributed to the defense of the country. He made effort to the path of learning and striving untiringly and devoted his talents to science-technology, education and training, to journalism and literary arts, economic, charity activities and friendship. It is difficult to distinguish clearly and evaluate all the great and useful contributions of Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu. It seems that he has a diverse capacity of "Scientist - Social Activist - Journalist - Writer - Diplomat - Businessman". The most honorable and respectful to Prof. Dr. Trinh Quang Phu for me is that during his revolutionary career of more than 60 years, in whatever position he has always gives love to his hometown.

Author: MSc. Nguyen Hoai Son - President of Phu Yen Union of Science and Technology Associations.
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