Remarkable innovative record-holders in science and technology

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Mr. Hoang Duc Thao

Mr. Hoang Duc Thao

1. Record-holder, Labor Hero Hoang Duc Thao who has the most award-winning in science and technology innovation and the most awards conferred by international organizations for science and technology innovation

He was born in 1960 in Vu Thang commune, Kien Xuong district, Thai Binh province. He is now the President cum Director-General of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Urban Sewerage and Development Company Limited, a leading enterprise in science and technology in Vietnam. He has experienced a number of jobs including construction worker, accountant, deputy manager of construction works and other titles. He was working and learning, and passionate about research and application of science and technology. He received honorary doctorate degree from the World Record Organization.

He is the author of 50 science and technology works in fields of urban and rural technical infrastructure and environment protection; he owns 18 patents and utility solutions; and 05 certificates of appropriate technology conferred by the Ministry of Construction for export and nationwide application;

He has won 17 national and international science awards including 7 Vietnam Science and Innovation Awards (VIFOTEC);  Second prize in the National Innovation Competition 2013; 4 prizes of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in years 2010, 2013(twice), 2014; Special Achievement Prize conferred by the Science and Innovation Investment Fund (SIIF) in December 2009 in Korea; Global Excellent Award conferred by the Asia-Pacific Quality Organization in 2012; Medal for noble inventor of Alfred Nobel conferred by the Organization Board of International-Korea Inventor Junket 2014 and 13 International Science Innovation Awards (including 12 gold and 1 silver awards) received in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Srilanka, and Vietnam; He has also broken 02 Vietnamese records in science and technology; He was conferred Honorary Doctorate Degree in 2013 by the International Record University;

The science and technology products which he created have been being manufactured by 5 plants in Hanoi, Thai Binh, Nghe An, Khanh Hoa, and Ba Ria – Vung Tau and effectively deployed for application in 48 out of 63 cities and provinces of Vietnam. Four-teen People’s Committees of provinces and cities have issued guidelines for applying technology products of Busadco. The products are initially exported to Malaysia and Laos. This intellectual source has produced practical efficiency when 85% of Busadco’s revenue is derived from science and technology products.

Under the leadership of Mr. Hoang Duc Thao, Busadco has achieved great awards during its scientific research and application to environment protection such as Global Excellent Award conferred by the Asia-Pacific Quality Organization; Vietnam Environment Award 2010, National Quality Award 2011; 18 Certificates for qualified goods granted by the Quality Assurance and Testing Center. Busadco was voted twice as one of the top ten outstanding science and technology events in 2012 and 2015.



      Busadco has also set the Vietnam record  “The science and technology enterprise wins the most awards conferred by domestic and international science and technology innovation organizations”.

      Mr. Hoang Duc Thao received Ho Chi Minh award with project “Comprehensive construction of urban and rural technical infrastructure, environment protection, natural disaster prevention and response to climate change” phase 5 in 2016.

In 2011, both Busadco and Director Hoang Duc Thao were conferred noble titles: Labor Hero of New Renovation Age. This is the first case in Ba Ria - Vung Tau and rare case of the whole country that both the individual and the collective are conferred Labor Hero title. 

Mr. Thao is a member of the Standing Committee of Ba Ria -Vung Tau Union of Science and Technology Associations. In 2015, at the first honor session held in Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, Mr. Thao was one of the outstanding intellectuals honored on the national scale by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations.

Some photos of Mr. Hoang Duc Thao being honored


Director General Hoang Duc Thao (rightreceived the title of Labor Hero of New Renovation Age



Mr. HoangDuc Thao received Honorary Doctorate of the World Record Organization at the 26th convocation.



Mr. Hoang Duc Thao received Vietnam Talent Award in science and technology in 2014 conferred by Prof. Dang Vu Minh, VUSTA  President (left) 



Mr. Hoang Duc Thao received the Certificate for author having excellent science and technology work at the ceremony announcing Vietnam Golden Book of Creativity 2016. The person to the right is Prof. Dang Vu Minh, VUSTA President.

2. The scientist has the most intellectual property protection for plant varieties, precious gene sources in the country and all over the worldRecord-holder Dr. Pham S



Dr. Pham S

Dr. Pham S was born in 1966. He was conferred Doctorate Degree in Agriculture, former Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, former Director of Department of Science and Technology of Lam Dong province, and now Vice Chairman of the Provincial People Committee.

        Record-holder Dr. Pham S is the author of one technical improvement initiative, one useful solution, two varieties of high yield tea, one flower varieties, seven certificates of creative labor. He also owns 32 intellectual property certificates; more than 40 precious plant genes in Vietnam. He has written six books and one university textbook; announced more than 70 scientific works; won second award of Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation 2007 etc. and led many researches, projects at province and state level.


From 1999 to 2014, Record-holder Dr. Pham S researched, conserved and developed more than 40 plant varieties, precious plant genes in the country and abroad including forest trees, fruit trees, ornamental plants, medicinal plants and food crops.

His practical scientific researches are constantly being born to serve farmers and enterprises, ranging from the research on clonal propagation of avocado tree which has helped farmers escape property to the rare species of Thiên Hoàng Long tree which is suitable with many ecological regions in the country and will help put the fruit industry of Vietnam out of the competition with China, and Thailand.



The purple banana variety is one of many copyrighted varieties authored by Dr. Pham S.

;precious gene of Genus tree; solution to grow trees providing shadow to coffee gardens in order to adapt to climate change; agriculture varieties of Thien Ngan tree (Neolamarckia Cadamba), Mahonis tree serving for forest planting in Central Highlands and the rare Thien Kim medicinal tea which helps prevent and control cancer in the world.

       After each business trip abroad, he brings a new technology, a precious gene to the homeland, strange plants with creative ideas through the series of researches which he has “named” and registered at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam.

In July 2014, at an international scientific seminar, Dr. Pham S set Vietnam record “The scientist has the most practical application researches granted with Creative Labor and Intellectual Property Certificates in Vietnam” in the fields of agriculture and forestry.

Some photos of Dr. Pham S being honored




Dr. Pham S (right) received the record certificate in 2014.




Dr. Pham S received the certificate for author having excellent science and technology work at the ceremony announcing Vietnam Golden Book of Creativity 2016.

The person to the right is Prof. Dang Vu Minh, VUSTA President.


3. Farmer-record holder received an Honorary Doctorate Degree.

So far, among 90 million Vietnamese people, there has been only one non-professional farmer inventor conferred the Honorary Doctorate Degree by the Science Council of the World Record University in the 30th Record Holder convocation (August 29, 2015).

It’s Pham Hoang Thang who was born on July 07, 1962 and currently lives in Tan Hung ward, Thot Not district, Can Tho city. He is a farmer, a high school graduate, after that he learned plastic craft, established an enterprise, and finally switched to agricultural mechanics.



Mr. Pham Hoang Thang with his rewards and awards of creativity.

     He has made dozens of machine, had in hand 3 national patents and 2 US patents. He has earned VND 8.5 billion from license transfer, sold tens of thousands of commercial products in the country at half the price of imported machine with the same capacity and exported tens of thousands of machine to Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

His three well-known and branded products (patented) are: Sowing equipment, Solution sprayer and Rice harvester.   

Mr. Pham Hoang Thang has also gained the following achievements and awards in the process of making his career:

1. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recognized “Excellent achievement in improving machine, equipment and tools for agricultural production, agro-forestry-fishery product processing” in the Decision No. 3292/QD-BNN dated October 27, 2008.

2. Medal for the Cause of science and technology associations awarded by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations in the Decision No. 125/QD-LHH dated September 11, 2007.

3. Title “Friend of Vietnamese Farmers” granted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the Decision No. 063/ CNKT-2009 dated January 30, 2009.

4. Title “Friend of Vietnamese Farmers 2004-2008” granted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the Decision No. 192/ CNKT-2008 dated November 26, 2008.

5. Title “Typical Businessman of Vietnam - Laos – Cambodia” awarded by the Kingdom of Cambodia in Hanoi on January 18, 2009.

6. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recognized “Excellent achievement in improving machine, equipment and tools for agricultural production, agro-forestry-fishery product processing” in the Decision No. 3292/QD-BNN dated October 27, 2008.

7. National Agricultural Extension Center, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development certified the symbol “First prize winning combine harvester 4LL-1.8” in the 2010 Contest of rice harvesters of Southern provinces (organized in Soc Trang in September 18-22, 2010) in the Decision No. 165/KN-THKH.

8. First prize in the 3rd Science and Technology Innovation Competition in Ho Chi Minh City in 2011.

9. First prize in the Invention Competition 2013 organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology with the solution “Rice harvester”.

10.  On October 14, 2014, Vietnam Record Organization recognized the record “The rice harvester and thresher winning the most top-awards in agricultural production assistance”.

Mr. Thang have also been awarded with more than 10 certificates of merit by the province, Ministries and sectors, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and the Prime Minister, and met as well as received an award of the President.

          Some photos of Mr. Thang being honored



Mr. Thang met and received an award of President Truong Tan Sang.




Mr. Thang received the record holder certificate and Honorary Doctorate diploma from the World Record Association.






Mr. Thang was awarded the first prize in the Invention Competition for his rice harvester and thresher. 

4. 9X record holder with the most published works in science and technology

Documents and press information have not yet reflected any Vietnamese that has the most scientific publications and the Vietnam Record Book also has not officially recorded anyone. However, the phenomenon Tran Quoc Quan has recently appeared in the poor rural Can Loc of Ha Tinh province. Quan is now 26 years old, a former student of University of Technology – Vietnam National University. He began his scientific studies at the second year of university and continued as the researcher at the university’s Material and Structure Laboratory after graduation. During his student time as well as at the present, he has had part-time jobs after study to make ends meet. It’s his passion that has helped him overcome difficulties and hard time, and achieve remarkable results. At the age of 26, Quan owns 22 scientific articles and reports, including 15 ISI publications (the world’s most prestigious scientific journal system) on composite materials with an impact factor (IF) more than 2. This is a desirable result for not only domestic researchers but also for foreign-trained researchers.


Tran Quoc Quan is recognized by the press and public opinion as the youngest person in Vietnam to have the most scientific researches published at the international level.

We must know that the scientific research and publication productivity in Vietnam are very low. On average, there is one international publication every 13 to 15 professional scientists with high academic titles. Moreover, in the public sector, in order to have an international publication, the state budget must support VND 800-900 million for research. Therefore, self-study and scientific publications of Tran Quoc Quan at the age of 26 are respectable.

Talking about his future plans, Quan said the research results for his doctoral thesis have been completed. He will defend his doctoral thesis next year and continues his research and teaching work at the University of Technology - VNU. Quan’s doctoral thesis is about FGM functional material, a relatively new research direction is still new in Vietnam. Quan said, this research direction cannot be applied in Vietnam at the present time, but he hoped to apply these results into reality one day not far from now.

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