Prof.Tran Dinh Long dedicates his life to helping farmers

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Prof.Tran Dinh Long dedicates his life to helping farmers

Currently Chairman of the Vietnamese Seed Association (VSA), Prof. Tran Dinh Long has devoted his life to scientific research for agriculture to help farmers.

In 1967, after graduating from Kishinev National University, the Phu Tho-born man returned to Vietnam and became a lecturer at Hanoi University of Agriculture No. I. A year later, he moved to teach at the University of Agriculture II. He completed his doctoral dissertation in 1979 and Science doctoral dissertation in 1983 in the Russian Federation. With a passion for research and utmost efforts, he was officially awarded Academician by the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Russian Federation in 1993. After that, he was conferred the title of Associate Professor (1996) and Professor of Agriculture - specialized in Plant Breeding Genetics (2002). Prof. Tran Dinh Long has held many important positions such as Director of the Vietnam - Russia Plant Seed Center, Director of the Bean Research and Development Center, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences and currently Chairman of the VSA, Member of the Central Council of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, member of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front... Regardless of positions held, he also creates his own imprint in both management and scientific research. His scientific research subjects are not only summarized and explored but also highly practical and applicable. Some Subjects and Projects at State level are also graded as outstanding; for example, Selection and breeding of upland crops for grain and intensive farming (KN-01-11:1991-1995), Bean selection and breeding (ST-08-02:1996-2000), Research and selection of breeds and development of Sesame - Sunflower (2001-2004)... Prof. Tran Dinh Long is also the "father" of 22 new plant varieties including 09 varieties of soybean, 03 varieties of green beans, VX 83 rice, Api barley, V6 sesame, VX 37 sweet potato and ST 88 stevia. The production of these varieties is being developed in most of our country's ecological regions. He was also granted with copyright protection certificates for 02 varieties of DT26 peanut and L23 soybean. In addition to scientific research and new plant breeding, he also gives a lot of enthusiasm to writing scientific books which are highly appreciated by his colleagues and readers. He has so far published 17 scientific books including 03 textbooks used as teaching materials in universities: Cytology, Plant Genetics textbook and Plant Breeding post-graduate textbook, and many books useful for farmers such as Green bean, Soybean, Techniques to yield high productivity of peanut in Vietnam and Cultivation and Utilization of Stevia… Prof. Tran Dinh Long has trained many generations of engineers, masters and doctors of agriculture. The generations of his students are well serving the cause of agriculture and rural development in our country. Many of them became the Professors, Associate Professors, and other key officials of the Party and the State.


Prof. Tran Dinh Long

With great dedication and contribution to the general development of national agriculture and socio-economy, he has been presented many Medals and Certificates of merit by Ministers, the Prime Minister, the President and the Friendship Medal of the Russian Federation (2000).

At present, as the Chairman of the VSA, he has assembled a team of officials in science, technology and management in the field of plant varieties to focus on researching, summarizing and popularizing the application of scientific, technological and management achievements, technology and management to the production of plant varieties. They are involved in the research of plant breeding, selection and creation of new plant varieties which are recognized as national varieties or technical advanced varieties, contributing positively to increasing productivity and quality of crops. Moreover, as leader of the VSA, he has organized training courses on techniques of selection, creation, production and breeding, seed production and seed commercialization. Prof. Tran Dinh Long also suggested the Plant Seed Component of DANIDA and other international organizations such as APSA, ISTA, Asian Vegetable Research and Development Centre (AVRDC) help to hold short-term training courses for localities and seed enterprises of plant varieties. Besides, the Association has effectively implemented the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge of plant varieties on a national scale...

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