Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Chan – a science of Microclimate – Environment Engineering

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Prof. PhD. Tran Ngoc Chan (Internet Source)

Prof. PhD. Tran Ngoc Chan (Internet Source)

Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Chan – President of Scientific Council of Vietnam Association of Civil Engineering Environment (VACEE) and a microclimate scientist, has made great contributions to the construction sector of Vietnam.

He was born in Thuan Thai village, Nhon An commune, An Nhon district, Binh Dinh province on 14 July 1937.

In 1959, he was sent to study ventilation – heat – air conditioning in Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Russia as third year student. As an entirely new field of study, he initially had many difficulties in study and limitations in Russian literacy. However, studying became easier in the forth and fifth year.

In 1962, he graduated from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Russia with high distinction and came back to Vietnam. He was assigned to build and train engineers in ventilation – heat, which is Microclimate – Environment Engineering, by Mr. Nguyen Sanh Dan.

Mr. Nguyen Sanh Dan then chose 15 students in the second year, session V, Department of Construction, Hanoi University of Science and Technology to establish a new specialized class, even though lesson plan and curriculum had not been prepared yet. Also during this time, he spent a lot of time preparing for this speciality and invited some lecturers like him to teach some subjects.

Because the process of graduate thesis of students, especially the topic identification and assignment faced more difficulties than the initial teaching, he went to many factories and enterprises to take practical documents, materials, designs, drawings copied from the records department to make the subject for students doing graduate projects.

More than 40 years working in the Division of Ventilation – Heat, Department of Construction, Hanoi University of Science and Technology and after that in the Division of Microclimate – Environment Engineering, National University of Civil Engineering since 1966, he has contributed to training various generations of students.

In 2002, he retired and kept teaching, training and studying science as a member of Science Council of Institute of Tropical Architecture; a member of Science Council of National Institute of Labour Protection; a member of State Council for Pre-Acceptance Test of Construction Works (the State Pre-Acceptance Test Council). He is the President of Scientific Council of Vietnam Association of Civil Engineering Environment so far.

In the period of 2010-2015, he joined and chaired some science subjects such as Chairman in edit TCVN 5687:2010 “Ventilation – Air conditioning – Design standards”; Chairman in comment, amend and supplement QCXDVN 09:2005 on energy efficiency in building construction (Issued in November 2013 the new name: QCVN 09:2013/BXD “The National Energy Efficiency Building Code”; Chairman in assessment criteria development for energy efficiency in building construction; Chairman in Dust diffusion evaluation from the high points with influence of drop speed of dust under gravitational force effect.


Prof. PhD. Tran Ngoc Chan – Chairperson of Thesis Examination Board (source: the Internet)

In addition, he has participated in domestic and international workshops and had effective reports such as Report on Energy saving measures for microclimate maintenance in the work environment; Using the process of adiabatic cooling to improve microclimate environment in Vietnam industry (in Russian); Method of determining the size of house dependent on the direction of the house with the energy-saving purpose for air conditioning (in Russian); Limiting the amount of heat from the outside penetrating the house through the thin wall in the summer to reduce energy consumption for air-conditioning systems (in Russian); Dust mass effect on the diffusion process in atmosphere according to the Gaussian diffusion model (in Russia); Scientific basis to build the templates in QCVN 09:2013/BXD “Energy Efficiency Buildings”.

He has joined in the State Pre-Acceptance Test Council and Ministry of Construction with priority construction such as Vietnam National Convention Center, National Assembly House, Phu Quoc airport, T2 Noi Bai International Airport, Thu Thien Tunnel, Hannoi Keangnam Building, Hanoi Metropolitan Rail Transport…

He has published 5 textbooks and monographs in the field of Ventilation – Air conditioning and air environment.


  • In 1985: Medal of American Resistance, Third Class
  • In 1990: Meritorious Teacher
  • In 1995: “For the Cause of Education” Medal
  • In 2001: “For the Cause of Building” Medal
  • In 2002: Labor Medal, Third Class
  • In 2008: Vietnam Environmental Prize of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  • In 2014: Certificate of Merit and Medal of Honour of the Veteran Teacher Association of Vietnam
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