Prof.Dr. Tran Huu Dang: Development and dissemination of knowledge is the top priority

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Prof.Dr. Tran Huu Dang gave speech at the conference

Prof.Dr. Tran Huu Dang gave speech at the conference

During the last few years, Thua Thien Hue Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations has always paid special attention to the development of consultancy, judgment and social expertise, disseminating of scientific and technological information and knowledge for production, said Prof.Dr. Tran Huu Dang.

Prof. Dang said that in recent years, the knowledge dissemination has been developed and diversified by the Union in both content and methodology, especially in the conference “Solutions to enhance the effectiveness of disseminating of scientific and technological information and knowledge for production and the life”. At this conference, the Union aimed at providing diversified information about science and technology, new advanced techniques, policies and laws of the State to all classes in the society and focused on remote, mountainous, and coastal areas.

Sharing with reporters, Prof. Dang said at present, the Union promotes the development of information technology, the Internet, knowledge dissemination channel through portals and websites of the whole system. With 24 websites in Vietnamese and English, information is provided quickly with diversified contents; research results, science and technology creativeness, scientific and technical advances are updated frequently, which is very useful for production and life; reflecting activities of the Union, political and social issues at the localities attracts millions of daily visitors, which provide information promptly for many readers. is one of reliable websites which provides a number of categories attracting readers’ interest, especially the knowledge dissemination and frequently askedquestions and answers in science and technology.The number of readers of the Union’s website is more and more increasing with more than 3,000,000 visits and there are usually hundreds of visitors online.

Moreover, the Union also disseminates knowledge through magazine, science and technology newsletters and media publications in association with mess media organizations including Thua Thien Hue Newspaper, local and central television stations, mass organizations, social organizations and by training sessions, seminars. The Union has one magazine, 24 newsletters and journals, which are more and more enriched in contents and forms and the number of issues also increases. Only Science and Technology Newsletter of the Union releases more than 2,400 issues; organizes hundreds of talk shows, processing technical coaching for more than 1,500 participants.

For communication activity, dissemination of science and technology knowledge, the Union always provides instruction for the people to apply technical and technological advances into production and life.

According to Prof. Dang, in order to enhance effectiveness of knowledge dissemination activity of membership associations, affiliated agencies, it is necessary to promote the awareness of its importance in scientific and technological intelligentsia, and other sectors for the local socio-economic development.

In addition, we will enhance the management of information and knowledge dissemination. Therefore, the leadership, direction must be always top priorities. Besides ensuring conditions such as budget, personnel, there must be real interest from leaders of the Union and social organizations.

The Professor said it is necessary to build strategy for information and knowledge dissemination activity for sustainbale development, fresh production, developing knowledge economy in order to promote internal factors, mobilizing social sources to develop science and technology. Every organization needs to develop strategy of implementing knowledge dissemination for each period. It should pay attention to certain topic in each phase which is suitable with its vision and mission and meet demand of the society. In order to make this work successfully, organizations must be active, understand needs of practical life, localities and trend in development of the society.

Author: Ho Thanh
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