Made-in-Vietnam laparoscopic thyroid surgery

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Made-in-Vietnam laparoscopic thyroid surgery

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Luong has created an economical and effective laparoscopic thyroid surgery, which is called “made-in-Vietnam” laparoscopic surgery.

The scientific project “laparoscopic thyroid surgery” by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Luong, Deputy Director of the National Hospital of Endocrinology has been nominated for the Vietnamese Talent Awards.

Surgery “for Vietnamese people”

According to Dr. Luong, many women, including young women, have problems with thyroid gland. The traditional thyroid surgery used to leave a big scar, making them feel unconfident.

“Many patients have complained that they feel really unconfident, so they usually have to hide the scar in their neck with clothes or jewellery everyday of the year. Their complaints urged and inspire me to think of a kind of surgery that can help them cure their disease without making them feel uncomfortable,” he said.

After reading reference documents, Dr. Luong decided to apply the laparoscopic thyroid surgery despite the fact that he had never been trained this technique. His experience in laparoscopic stomach surgery, his creativity and passion had brought about the success to his surgery since 2003.

This was a difficult technique and few surgeons had been successful, he said, adding that his effective surgery technique could also help patients save much money (it costs only 400 USD, much lower than the world average cost of 7,000 – 10,000 USD).

In order to be successful, Dr. Luong had read reference documents of different doctors across the globe. However, these doctors’ techniques were not suitable for Vietnamese situation as they were too expensive and require state-of-the-art equipments. Therefore, he created his own kind of surgery, which benefits Vietnamese patients.

For example, he said, in South Korea they use robots to perform laparoscopic thyroid surgery, but it costs so much money (tens of thousands of US dollars) and takes too much time (about two hours).

“I told my international friends that in Vietnam, there is only one robot, so I have to perform laparoscopic thyroid surgery by my own way,” said Dr. Luong.

Impressed by Dr. Luong’s technique, hundreds of doctors from foreign countries have been to Vietnam to learn it.

Dr. Luong’s technique has been presented at the Asia-Pacific  laparoscopic surgery conferences in India, China, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the Republic of Korea, and Vietnam and the World Surgery Conference in Finland and has been highly appreciated by international experts.

Possible implementation on large scales

Dr. Luong was the first surgeon successfully applying the laparoscopic thyroid surgery in Vietnam. His technique requires simple equipments and is easily to be applied in local hospitals.

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Laparoscopic thyroid surgery has opened a new chance for curing thyroid-related diseases. It makes patients more confident after the operation as it leaves no big scars in the neck. They no longer have to hide their scar with scarf or jewellery, said Dr. Luong.

Laparoscopic thyroid surgery technique can be applied in provincial general hospitals. The National Hospital of Endocrinology has opened training classes for surgeons across the countries and now the technique has been successfully applied in various hospitals such as the Nghe An General Hospital, the Nghe An Cancer Hospital, the Vietnam-Czech Hospital in Hai Phong, the Hanoi Cancer Hospital, the Nam Dinh General Hospital, the Thai Binh General Hospital, the Cho Ray Hospital, the Gia Dinh People’s Hospital, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Ho Chi Minh City’s Hospital, the Hoan My Hospital in Can Tho etc.

Since 2003, more than 3,500 patients have undergone such operations with little side effects. This is the biggest number in Vietnam and the world as a whole.

There have been 218 professors and doctors from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Australia, India, Arabia Saudi, and Portugal learning this technique at the Vietnam National Hospital of Endocrinology. Dr. Luong himself has also been to various countries to perform this kind of surgery such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Thailand.


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