Kontum: K’Dong student creates new system to channel, filter and reserve clean water

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ANgheo’s filter model is being implemented.

ANgheo’s filter model is being implemented.

A Ngheo, the 14-year-old K Dong Ethnic Group’s teenager from Ngoc Tem Secondary School for Ethnic Minority students has successfully applied his learned knowledge into developing the model of water channeling, filtering and reserving system.

Talking about his creations, A Ngheo said: “My secondary school is located at a poverty stricken mountainous region, where the main sources of water are from streams and thus lack hygiene for daily usage, especially during rainy season. Therefore, I tried to apply knowledge from Physics and Chemistry subjects, as well as those from books and the internet to develop this model.”

To build this model, A Ngheo used 120m of soft plastic tube ɸ 34 and ɸ 27; 120m of hard plastic tube ɸ 27; 6m of PVC tube ɸ 90; 5 pieces of tube fitting ɸ 90; 1 piece of T-fitting ɸ 90; PVC glue and cloth (to make the membrane). His model also required 5m3 of fine sand, alongside with raw sand, charcoal and gravels size 4-6 and 1-2. Two 1000-liter tanks were also included in the making of the model.   

First, a layer of large-size gravel (5 cm) was laid down at the bottom of the tank, the set of filtering tubes were then connected to the tank before being fully covered by another thick layer of large gravels (10 cm). Above this layer, A Ngheo continued to place fine sand (1-2 cm) with the thickness of 15 cm to properly cover the second layer, which was then covered by a sheet of cloth acting as filtering membrane. After the cloth was fixed, a 15 cm-thick of large-size sand and another 10 cm-thick of charcoal (to detoxify the water) were sequentially placed. The final finesand layer with thickness of 25 cm was placed on top to shield the mud and contaminators in the water from absorbing further. Finally, the water-channeling tubes were connected to the tank.        

“To build this model, I have to examine the waters from Diek Not stream, which is 500 m away from the residential area, far from cultivation zone and thus is not contaminated by fertilizers or other plant protection products. Diek Not stream is also near the abandoned water reserving tanks, which was built under the National Program of Clean Water for Rural Areas, therefore I can easily make use of them.”– said the boy.


A Ngheo is comparing two glasses of water, one is filtered and one is not.

A Ngheo’s system has shown preliminary success in filtering and providing adequate amount of clean water for students in Ngoc Tem Secondary School. Simple, low-cost yet being backed up by strong scientific and technical base, this model has great potential to replicate and apply in large scale. This is one of two models built by ethnic students being awarded at the KonTum’s Creation Contest for Children and the Youth, season 8, year of 2015-2016.

Author: Quang Manh
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