Fourteen-year-old mobile app developer

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Fourteen-year-old mobile app developer

Pham Nguyen Anh Ngu, a pupil in Hau Giang province, has won the first prizes in the National Youth Informatics Contest with his “Studying English with you” mobile application.

The 14-year-old pupil who has taken part in several informatics contests said mobile devices are getting cheaper and becoming more and more popular but there are not many free mobile applications for pupils to study English.

It is one of the reasons that encouraged me to develop a mobile application for English study, he added.

His applications, which were developed for 2,000 pupils in Hau Giang province, includes basic English, multiple choice exercises, dictionary, library, and vocabulary. It also helps pupils to effectively practice English language skills.

Being appreciated by his friends, he decided to submit it to the organizer of the Nhan Tai Dat Viet (Vietnamese Talent Awards).

Ngu said that his brother also inspired him to develop the app and send it to the organizer of the contest. His brother, the youngest contestant of last year’s Vietnamese Talent Awards, won the consolation prize.

I consider my brother a teacher who taught me how to program. He also helped me complete my product.

Ngu said his parents have to work far away from home so he and his brother have to live with his grandmother

In order to develop the app, Ngu asked his teacher to help him with the English knowledge.

He said that while developing the application, he had failed several times.

The failures gave me lessons and encouraged me to make greater effort, he said.

Ngu said he would spend more time to upgrade the application. But at the moment, he is busy preparing for his high school entry examination so he can only spend time for software development at night.

Ngu said he has yet to decide what he would do in the future. What he is passionate for is informatics, particularly software development.


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