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Master Dang Thi Thuy at a mushroom growing establishment

Master Dang Thi Thuy at a mushroom growing establishment

I am happy to do scientific research and I want to do business through scientific activities as I have chosen it as part of my life, Ms. Dang Thi Thuy, Director of the Center for Technology Application and Transfer Center of Phu Yen province said.

She added that scientific research is also her lifetime career to further dedicate to the science of the province. I hope to have successful models of successful scientific application to help farmers in Phu Yen to develop high-quality commercial products"  

Born in a family with a long revolutionary tradition in Hoa Quang Nam commune, Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen province, during her childhood, the images of farmers who were working hard for small incomes to bring up their children had been deeply engraved in Thuy’s mind. She always wished to do something to help those farmers, but she didn’t expect that someday her dream would come true.

In 1999, after graduating from the University and being recruited by the Center for Technology Application and Transfer of Phu Yen, despite unstable work in the early years of working, Thuy has tried follow her dream.

Unlike men, women have less time for scientific research because they have to balance her work with family. Sometimes she does not have time for relaxing and learning new knowledge... However, Thuy has always fulfilled the assigned tasks and participated in many scientific topics and projects in agriculture, biotechnology... Nevertheless, she is deeply passionate about the project: “Application of science and technology to develop production models of edible mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms towards industrialization”.

Thuy said Phu Yen people have been growing mushroom for a long time but mushroom production is still undeveloped. Dependence on spawn sources and limited cultivation techniques make productivity low and economic inefficiency. Therefore, when she received the project, Ms. Thuy was concerned about how to successfully apply this project in the context of Phu Yen province to help the people in her home land. She said: “We encountered many difficulties in receiving the transferred process because compared to the standards, the process applied in Phu Yen has differences in temperature, humidity and material sources”. With hopes to provide people with qualified mushroom spawns and an optimal cultivation process, the Center has received the technologies of spawn production, mushroom growing and processing, and waste treatment after harvest in order to develop many models of mushroom growing and processing towards industrialization to create high efficiency.

In mushroom growing techniques, original spawns are decisive factors in production and growing because efficiency can only be assessed after mushrooms have been harvested. Therefore, any negligence in selecting original spawns will lead to huge economic losses.

In the process of receiving technology, the Centre has completed 14 transfer processes and adapted them to the conditions of local production. As a result, the Center has successfully propagated and produced various kinds of mushrooms in large quantities. The samples of finished products of these mushrooms are analyzed and qualified in terms of microbiology, plant protection, heavy metal and nutrient content. Particularly, fresh mushrooms (straw mushroom, oyster mushroom, big cup mushroom...) can be stored for quite long time; dried mushrooms (wood ear mushroom, Ganoderma) have large ears and special taste. Based on the results, the Center has transferred this model to seven districts, cities and provinces. Mushroom products have also been supplied in large quantities to the market and to Co.opMart system.

Recently, the project has been accepted at the provincial level and ranked Good by the province’s Council of Science and Technology.

The project was evaluated by the Council in all aspects and achieved the specified objective of receiving and transferring technical advances in building models of breeding, cultivating, processing mushrooms towards industrialization in Phu Yen as the basis for the transformation of sectors and increased income for people. Specifically, building a central mushroom growing house with an area of 2,000m2 and dispersed among 25 households with an area of 2,500m2; receiving and transferring 14 technological processes of spawn production, cultivation, preservation and processing of mushrooms; training 12 professional technicians on spawn production, cultivation, preservation and processing of mushrooms and training 450 farmers and farm owners on techniques of cultivation, preservation and processing of mushrooms.

On the way to realize her passion, in addition to the support from the family, she also has a team of young officials with professional standing, passion for work, dedication to work and courage to master the technology to achieve specified objectives. Thuy has encountered many difficulties in the early days of undertaking the work; thus, as for her, achievement is the measure of personal capacity.

The project has initially created facilities and human bases to serve the local mushroom production. Thuy said “in the following stage, we will maintain and expand production, delivering to the people, continuing the study on mushroom processing products to enhance product value and create Phu Yen mushroom brand”.

I would like to share this happiness with the colleagues at the Center who helped me complete the work assigned by the superiors, she said. This achievement is also a great encouragement for her and the team to devote more for the province’s science and fulfill the roles of the wife and the mother in her own family.

Scientific research is a job full of hardships for both men and women, but women face more difficulties because they not only have to complete the work properly but are also good at housework at the same time. Choosing a thorny path, Thuy’s achievements have truly and gradually changed the prejudices about women's roles in society.

Author: Nguyen Huong
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