ENV launches contest to protect wild animals in Vietnam

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ENV launches contest to protect wild animals in Vietnam

Following the extinction of rhinoceros in Vietnam, it is predicted by scientists that tigers will die out soon. Illegal hunting, smuggling and consumption are also threatening the existence of other species such as elephants, bears, apes, turtles, and pangolins, not only in Vietnam but over the world.

In an effort to raise public awareness of the need to protect wild animals, the Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) under the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Assocations has launched a paiting contest entitled “Actions for Wild Animals”.

The competition is aimed at featuring the threats facing rhinoceros, tigers, pangolins and other wild animas, which are caused by illegal hunting and smuggling and encouraging people to say no to rhino horn, tiger bone glue and other wild animal products. It also asks the public not to buy wild animals as pets, praise the love for wild animals and the harmony between people and animals and encourage people to take actions to protect wild animals.

According to ENV, paitings should feature only wild animals in Vietnam.

Vietnam, as a tropical country, is a habitated by various species of wild animals. However, many of them are at risk of extincttion due to the demand for wild animal products.

In 2010, the last rhinoceros was killed in Cat Tien National Park for its horn. Scientists predict that tigers may be the next to die out. Over the past 15 years, the number of tigers has experienced a sharp decrease to about 10 individuals. Other animals such as apes, turtles and pangolins are also facing extinction threats.

At present, in the world, about 1,556 species of animals are facing extinction threats and need to be protected. The area of tropical forest is also seeing decrease of hundreds of thousands of hectares every year. The destruction of the living environment has caused the disappearance of hundreds of species so the conservation of the biodiversity is now an urgent requirement.

The extinction of wild animals is caused not only by the environment but also human being. If illegal hungting exists, there will be no elephants, no rhinoceros or turtles some day, said ENV.

So what we should do is to join hands to protect the environment, it said.


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