Dr. of Agronomy Y Ghi Nie: Devoted to science, dedicated to VUSTA

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Dr. Y Ghi Nie, at the 4th Congress (2016-2021), was trusted and elected by the collective to continue holding the office of President of Dak Lak Provincial Union.

Dr. Y Ghi Nie, at the 4th Congress (2016-2021), was trusted and elected by the collective to continue holding the office of President of Dak Lak Provincial Union.

​I know him (Dr. of Agronomy Y Ghi Nie) on the occasion of accompanying the leaders of Phu Yen Provincial Union attending the Congress of Dak Lak Provincial Union in the fourth tenure (2016-2021). Through the talks, I had a great admiration for his progressive learning and more specifically, his fervent devotion to science and dedication to VUSTA.

Devotion to science

Dr. of Agronomy Y Ghi Nie (Dr. Y Ghi Nie) has a short and solid body, “scientifically romantic” hair and “Kinh hybrid” voice. He is always cheerful and easily gets along with people and loved by many colleagues in Dak Lak and other provinces.

He is Ede people, born in 1958, in Puanvillage, Krong Pach district, Dak Lak province. After graduating from high school, Y Ghi Nie enrolled in Tay Nguyen University, majoring in Agronomy. In 1984, Y Ghi Nie graduated with Excellence. The Management Board of Tay Nguyen University expressed the courtesy of keepingthe Puan village student as a lecturer for the university but Y Ghi Nie wanted to applied the acquired knowledge to build his homeland. Thus the AgronomicEngineerY Ghi Nie worked at 333Vietnam Soviet Coffee Combined Enterprise which at that time was working with the USSR (former) in planting, producing and processing coffee (now the 333 Sugar Joint Stock Company). Two years later, a new district Ea Karwas established (on September 13, 1986), Y Ghi Nie was assigned to the position of Head of Agricultural Department of Ea Kar district where he started promoting his specialty, career, traveling to find new crop and livestock varieties... and mobilizing people in Ea Karto to try planting. The trial plantings were successful, creating high yield and good quality, and helping Ea Kar people get the real bumper crops of agricultural products. Ea Kar has since become the province leading district in agricultural production, contributing to create momentum for Dak Lak to become the leading province in terms of agricultural production of the country.

Based on the above practical results and the passion for deeper knowledge, Y Ghi Nie did Master and successfully defended Master's thesis in 1997 with the topic "Some solutions to developsustainable agricultural system in rural Ea Kar, Dak Lak province".

With success in expertise and reputation in the work, MSc. Y Ghi Nie was entrusted by provincial leaders to hold the position of Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ea Kar district. By the devotion to science, the responsibility of a district leader, MSc. Y Ghi Nie has contributed to the emergence of industrial cluster of Ea Kar district which was the first industrial cluster of the province and became one of the leadingunits in handicraft production of Dak Lak.

In 2000, MSc. Y Ghi Nie was maneuvered by Dak Lak Provincial Party Committee to assume the tasks of Deputy Director and then Director of the Department of Science and Technology of Dak Lak. With the mind of a scientist and the responsibility of a Department leader, he instructed and directly performed dozens of scientific research projects at provincial and national levels. In addition, he has made great contribution to build Buon Ma Thuot coffeebrand (national registration is granted by the Department of Intellectual Property).

The topic "Research on completion ofthe program to support processing of writing of some ethnic minorities in the Highlands by Taynguyenkeysoftware" he co-authored was applied very usefully in the authorities, departments and sectors of the Highlands provinces. Thanks to this software, six languages of the major ethnic minorities of the Highlands can be expressed on the computer, allowing easier and more convenient dissemination of knowledge for ethnic minorities.

In 2003, MSc.Y Ghi Nie successfully defended his Doctor thesis with the topic "Research on some solutions for sustainable livestock breeding development in Ea Kar district, Dak Lak province" at the University of Agriculture I (Hanoi).

Dedication to VUSTA

Union of Science and Technology Associations of Dak Lak province was established on October 2001. As the incumbent Deputy Director (2000) and Director (2004) of the Department of Science and Technology of Dak Lak province, Dr.Y Ghi Nie joined the Executive Committee of the provincial Union from the first tenure and has undertakensome related positions. At the present, he is the President of Dak Lak Provincial Union for the third tenure (2011-2016).

When being asked, several officials of Dak Lak Provincial Union assessed "Dr. Y Ghi Nie is a scientist of the province, so he understands the importance of consultancy, judgment and social expertise to the provincial Union. Since his participation in the Union Executive Committee from the first tenure and until now, he has had many opinions with scientific and practical arguments and strategic vision in operation. He helped Dak Lak Provincial Union always have the right direction and become the leading unit in the Union system in the Highlands".

Recently, Dr. Y Ghi Nie has met and discussed with relevant departments and sectors in the province about the construction of the Regulation on Consultancy, judgment and social expertise of the provincial Union. This Regulation will be submitted to Dak Lak provincial People's Committee for issuance in order to concretize the Decision No.14/QD-TTg dated February 14, 2014 of the Prime Minister on the activities of consultancy, judgment and social expertise of VUSTA.


Dr. Y Ghi Nie (the 3rd person from the right) at the signing ceremony of cooperation in operations between the Union of Central – Highland and Southwestern Region organized by Phu Yen provincial Union on July 2014.

I still remember in 2012 when Dr. Y Ghi Nie was a member of the Central Council of VUSTA, in charge of the Central-Highland region, Phu Yen Provincial Union at that time had objective difficulties in organization of the Congress to end the 3rd tenure (2007-2012). Not being afraid of difficulties and distance, in addition to regularlycalling to inquire the situation and progress of the Congress organization by Phu Yen Provincial Union, he sometimes registered to work directly with leaders of Phu Yen province, leaders of Phu Yen Provincial Union to discuss the ways to overcome difficulties to conduct the Congress. On the opening day of the Union Congress of the 4th term (2013-2018), he attended with a smiling and contentedface because he had successfully completed the role and tasks assigned by VUSTA.

Being in charge of the Central – Highlands region (now he is in charge of the Highlands region, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh, President of Binh Dinh Provincial Union, in charge of the Central region), he organized the annual regional briefing conference. The model is not new to other social and political organizations, but for the provincial said “Our Union was established later and still faces some difficulties. The conferences are organized to provide an opportunity for us tomeet, share with and learn from each otherfor the general purpose of jointly promote the development of the Union".

Most of the Union leaders in the Central - Highlands region appreciated his role and enthusiasm for the Union activities. MSc. Nguyen Hoai Son, President of Phu Yen Provincial Union assessed “Dr. Y Ghi Nie is very modest in science, enthusiastic for responsibility and in harmony with colleagues. He is an approachable and likeable person".

During his working period, Dr. Y Ghi Nie has honorably received the certificates of merit at many levels and was given Labor Medal Third Class (2008) by the State. As approaching the age of 60 and at the 4th Congress (2016-2021), he was trusted and elected by the collective to continue serving as the President of Dak Lak Provincial Union. I esteem him, comparing him as a Ko Tia bird with untiring wings in the sky of science of the basaltic land in the mountainous Ban Me town.

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