Discovering the made-in-Vietnam spacecraft

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Discovering the made-in-Vietnam spacecraft

The information about a spacecraft made by a group of Vietnamese aeronautical engineers has shaken the community of Vietnamese scientists.

Pham Gia Vinh, born in 1983, is now the Director of Dong Giang Vietnam Research & Development, one of the few companies making unmanned aircraft in Vietnam. He reveals his secret about the production of the aircraft as well as his aspiration for breakthroughs in the third test flight in April.

Completely made-in-Vietnam aircraft

Despite the fact that there are familiar equipment in the field of aviation and aeronautics, the 32-year-old director decided to invent a made-in-Vietnam flying machine with prominent features.

“We decided to produce a completely made-in-Vietnam spacecraft to affirm our technologies and prove that Vietnam is capable of exporting technologies,” said Vinh.

The idea of making a device that can fly three to five times higher than normal aircraft occurred to him in December 2013 and he started his job in 2014.

It took Vinh and his fellow workers only six months to make the 600-kilo device, which can fly at a height of 30 - 50 kilometers for a week.

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In terms of technology, it is no easy task to invent and operate an unmanned flying machine at the height of 30 kilometers.

Vinh said the production of the machine is really complicated. First, graphics designers were free to imagine the spacecraft in their own way before agreeing on a miniature model. This model will be re-designed after test flights.

It took three months to complete the draft model. Then Vinh and his partners spent two months and a half creating the framework of the spacecraft at the Hanoi University of Technology. Such materials as carbon fibre and aluminium alloy were imported from foreign countries.

The electronic equipment and software were produced at the Dong Giang Vietnam Research & Development. The core of the software was made by Vinh himself.

Dr. Vu Quoc Huy from the Hanoi University of Technology said only a few countries in the world, including the US, France, Japan, Spain and India, possess technologies to develop flying instruments with a height of over 30 kilometers.

If Vietnam can manufacture such unmanned aircraft, it could make a big leap in the path to security and defence research, Dr. Huy stressed.

Prominent features

The biggest advantage of Vinh’s product is the ability to control its landing position. It has helped his company win in various international bidding projects.

Vinh’s machine is withdrawn exactly after test flights without using parachute as other products in the world.

Vinh said, “we can land the equipment exactly so it does not affect houses, people and other construction works on the ground”.

According to Vinh, it took much time to produce the framework. First, graphics engineers designed it with such software as ANSYS, CATIA, SOLID WORK. Then it was produced with CNC machine.

Flying to 30 kilometers for six hours

After two test flights, Pham Gia Vinh is looking forward to another successful test flight in April.

I hope that the third test flight will prove that Vietnam has mastered new technologies, said Vinh.

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The third test is aimed at checking electronic equipment, as well as the framework and precision of landing.

Vinh also hopes that the machine will be able to fly at the height of 30 kilometers for six hours. It will record high-quality image and send to the central control station at a minimum distance of 150 kilometers. It is also able to connect with the satellite and maintain communication with the central control station from any distance.

If the third test flight records a success, Vinh will conduct the forth one in Australia in mid-May and send people to the universe.

Source: VnExpress

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