Ass.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Thuong – Growing up thanks to his passion for scientific research

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Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Thuong, reported the conference paper at an international scientific workshop

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Thuong, reported the conference paper at an international scientific workshop

Having met and discussed with Dr. Nguyen Van Thuong, what makes us admire and respect him is the passion for scientific research and his devotion in education. For those who act in the historical science research inside and out of Phu Yen province, he is well-known for being recognized as the teacher having title of Associate Professor in historical sector conferred by the Chairman of the state council for professor title of Vietnam, he is also a member of Phu Yen Historical Association – Head of faculty cum Head of History-Geography subject of faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Phu Yen University.

The dream of becoming a teacher since his childhood

He was born and grew up in a family with studious tradition in Tan Hoa – a sand village called Thanh La, Hoa Thanh commune (now, it is KP 5, Phu Thanh Ward - Tuy Hoa City - Phu Yen Province). He grew up in a farming family with many siblings, and he was the fifth child. Although his family’s main income was from farming and crop cultivation on sandy land, his parents still managed to cover all expenses for their 7 children to go to school.

Due to hardship and poverty, a number of children in Tan Hoa village must leave school to earn a living and support their parents. His parents, however, tried to work as much as they could so that their children still had opportunity to go to school. His father, Mr. Nguyen Van Tin (86 years old) said that “We were awared of difficulties and poverty, but for the better future of our children, we must work hard to feed them and let them go to school!”

Being asked about the dream of becoming a teacher, he said “Everybody has dreams to make efforts and pursue such dreams and I’m not the exception. My dream was cherished since I was very young when I and my friends practiced the role play of teacher and students at the front side of headquarters of Production Team No. 5, Thanh Phu commune - Phu Lam Town (now, it is headquarters of Quarter 5, Phu Thanh Ward, Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen Province). At that time, we played the game of rock-paper-scissors and those who won the most would be the teacher and the least would be students.

The image of teacher in our innocent spirit was a majestic and very important person who had superior knowledge and was capable of smart communication. Therefore, everybody wanted to be a teacher including me. It seemed that I had the good chance when I won the games and practiced role play of teacher many times. Then my passion for becoming a teacher of a group of friends in the hamlet grew up over years, it even came into my dreams. When growing up, I went to junior school and high school, the strong passion for becoming a teacher was more and more inspired in my mind. Thus, after graduating from Ngo Gia Tu high school in 1990, I applied and passed the university entrance exam of Quy Nhơn Pedagogical University, this would take me one step closer to my dream of becoming a teacher in the near future”.

The process from a teacher to an associate professor

After graduating from Quy Nhon Pedagogical University in 1994, with specialization in history and politics, he taught at Luong Van Chanh High School in Phu Yen province for 15 years (1994-2008). During that time, he both taught and studied by himself to improve his qualification. In the period of 2001 and 2008, he completed his master's degree with excellent outcomes, and then he followed steps to doctoral thesis. He said "In my opinion, teaching at a high school is good for me, but my passion about scientific research has led me to the Vietnam Institute of History”.

Returning to the gifted school for a short time, since August 2009, he was appointed to be a lecturer at Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities - Phu Yen University. Along with his reputation, qualification and expertise, he was promoted to be the Head of History – Geography Subject at Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities (3/2012) and then Deputy Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities cum Head of History – Geography Subject (6/2012) and from May 2016 until now, he has been the Dean cum Head of History – Geography Subject at Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities - Phu Yen University.

In 2008, at the age of 37, he was the first historical doctor in Phu Yen. The period of 24 years of being a teacher and the passion about history and science has inspired him to  start writing career. He has written for many local and national magazines and journals, registered to write many articles and published many books. Until now, he has involved in (in group and by  himself) 39 scholar works in historical field and published 16 reference books, in which he authored and wrote five books on his own. For example, his book "Luong Van Chanh - life and career" was published right on the occasion of Phu Yen’s formation and development for 400 years which can be regarded as Phu Yen people’s honor to the Tutelary God of Phu Yen. Recently, he has written two books: "Constructing a coastal defense line under Nguyen dynasty (Binh Dinh - Phu Yen province)”- published by Hanoi National University press, and "Activity of the first Communist Party in Phu Yen (1930-1931) "- Hanoi Publishing House of Political Theory, which are valuable literary works highly appreciated by historians and readers. Most of his researches are focused on the field of history, his research results have been applied into the teaching and training courses for university and graduated students.

It is known that he always encourages his colleagues to promote scientific researches because such researches helps lecturers to equip more practical knowledge and stand confidently on the podium. He himself guided students to do graduation thesis, and especially guided post-graduate students to do master thesis. He has taught more than 10 graduated students and helped a doctoral fellow successfully protected his dissertation. He also often participates in specialized scientific committees, particularly in assessing, judging and accepting scientific research topics in the social sciences at ministerial level, provincial level and school level in Phu Yen, Binh Dinh and Khanh Hoa province; he also joins in the board of evaluation for master thesis.

In addition, he regularly exchanges academic information through domestic seminars, scientific conferences and international seminars held in Vietnam. And he is the only one in Phu Yen to be invited to compile 3 issues in the book namely The History of Vietnam under the Social Science project at national level implemented in he period of 2014-2018 chaired by Professor Phan Huy Le.

Contributing a number of significant works in the teaching career as well as scientific researches, he is very taciturn about his work, only wishes to do as much as possible and his works will be accepted and discussed by everyone. He said: "I am not ambitious to research great works, what I desire is to contribute my effort for my homeland. That makes me very happy". My feeling about him is that he is the person who always highly appreciates self-study, self-research. His devotion for education, his gentle temperament, modesty and passion for scientific research are always admired by his colleagues and friends.

As remarked by Dr. Nguyen Dinh, Vice Principal of Phu Yen University: "With his effort and contribution along the period of nearly a quarter of a century in education and scientific research, Assoc. Prof, Dr. Nguyen Van Thuong is recognized by the State to be honored as a Assoc. Prof. It is clear that Dr. Nguyen Van Thuong, a scientist, a fervent intellectual of Phu Yen has devoted wholeheartedly to education and scientific research in general and to Phu Yen in particular.

Author: Huynh Duc The
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