An engineer with passion for scientific research

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Mr. Doan Quang Trong (left) is introducing his product.

Mr. Doan Quang Trong (left) is introducing his product.

With the passion for scientific research, the mechanical engineer Doan Quang Trong - Deputy Director, Head of Scientific - Technical Department of 30-4 Mechanical Processing Enterprise, Binh Long Rubber One-member Company Limited (Binh Long town, Binh Phuoc province) has made great contributions to the development of the unit.

Mr. Nguyen Sy Thao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Trade Union of 30-4 Mechanical Processing Enterprise, said that for more than 10 years working in the enterprise, engineer Doan Quang Trong always fulfills his assigned tasks and leads the movement of innovation, improvement inventions of the unit. Thereby, he contributes to improving productivity, ensuring product quality and saving costs for the enterprise.

Some of his outstanding topics and initiatives have created high economic benefits to the enterprise. For example, the initiative of "Determination of TSC in natural rubber latex by microwave ovens" has been applied effectively in production activities of the unit, enhancing the quantity and quality of natural rubber latex. Engineer Doan Quang Trong said, this method overcomes all the disadvantages and limitations of the use of electric stoves. Specifically, because the microwave has low capacity, operating in standby mode when no latex is dried and emitting less heat to the room, it consumes less power by minimizing the use of air conditioners or fans and limits the emissions that cause environmental pollution.

The most notable, among Trong’s technical innovations, is the "successful improvement of Goldstar latex drying furnace with a capacity of 2.5 tons/hour by heat-insulated furnace bottom and adjustment of hot air circulating route". This initiative has helped the unit reduce approximately 1.5kg of gas for each ton of product and approximately 25kWh of electricity per day. Besides, the improvement of mixed latex drying furnace with a capacity of 1.5 tons/hour helped reduce 1.17kg of gas for each ton of product and 20 KWh of electricity per day. This work was put into operations and helped the unit save nearly VND 2 billion/year and was evaluated as excellent by the Department of Science and Technology of Binh Phuoc province and the Industrial Committee of Vietnam Rubber Group.

From these innovations and researches, engineer Doan Quang Trong and his colleagues have achieved two Consolation Prizes in the 11th National Technical Innovation Contest; two Young Innovation Golden Cups awarded by the Central Union (2011, 2013) and two certificates of merit for Creative Labor of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (2012)

Author: Doan Ngoc Hung
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